The New Toyota RAV4

My son loves cars. Our house is one large traffic jam.


Everywhere we go, he rattles off the make and model of cars he sees. If he meets you, he may remember your name, but he will definitely remember the type of car you drive.
If he sees a car that he really likes, he will ask us to take a picture of it with him standing next to it. Whether it is at the Disney Art of Animation Resort “Cars” Suites…


Or next to a fancy car in the neighborhood.


So when I was invited to the New England Auto Show last month, I had to go because my son would be disappointed if I didn’t get some pictures of the latest and greatest cars out in the market. Including the family friendly new Toyota RAV4. When I showed him this picture of the improved Toyota RAV4 from the Auto Show, his reaction was, “Oh, Wow.”


Granted, it was a bit more than just getting pictures. I was invited to check out the Toyota RAV4 because for the first time in a few years, it has been updated…with some pretty cool features. While I need to drive some sort of SUV crossover these days (I need the space that a traditional four-door cannot provide), I want pizazz and certain functionalities in any car I own, because I’m in the car…all-the-freaking-time. So, yes, I want certain luxuries – as it is my office and home-taxi-fleet.


It is amazing to see how far this model has come. It came into the market in 1995 as the world’s first crossover SUV, and it was the first car I looked when I was buying my first brand new car ever. But I had to pass on it. While it was in my price range, it quickly went out of my price range once I added options that other car manufacturers had. Like airbags. Or ABS brakes. Luckily, there are more standard features than ever before, with three trim levels from which to choose. There are just a couple of options in each trim level because there are so many standard features included now.
And if you noticed in the pictures above, the new design is super sleek. The signature tire on the rear, and the door-like opening, has been replaced with a roof-hinged liftgate. The tire is now stored under the cargo floor (and still accessible!)


I’m going to be test-driving the RAV4 soon. I cannot wait to see how this crossover fits a busy Mom life, so stay tuned for my real-life recap!

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