New Pound Puppies: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do you remember some of the toys you loved as a kid? Or that your kids loved? A big toy trend is seeing the resurgence of toys, that were a big hit back in the 1980s but we haven’t seen since then. Whether it is nostalgia or cool toy your kids will love, you love this toy turnaround. Start asking, “Who Let the Dogs Out”.
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Pound Puppies are Back

Pound Puppies were a popular toy line sold by Tonka in the 1980s and it even inspired an animated TV series and movie. Now Pound Puppies are back by a company called FunRise and just as cute as I remember them. Just like in the past, you can rescue them from the pound. There are four breeds (poodle, bulldog, Beagle, Labrador) and there are three sizes (12 inch plush, 6 inch plush, and 3.5 inch plush keychains). There are also two other breeds that come in the 6 inch size with a little carrier; a Cockapoodle and Shiba Inu.

Pick a name and write it on the heart shaped tag and register the puppy online to get a printable adoption certificate. There are also some fun facts and downloadable printables. Plus, each breed has it own specific fun fact card! The bulldog I got says it is calm and protective!
You can find them in now, in stores like ToysRUs and Target. Prices range from $5.99 for the keychain plush, $7.99 for the 6 inch plush and $199.99 for the 12 inch plush! Great for kids 3 and up.

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