Castles to Carnivals: New Playmobil Sets for 2015

One of the hottest toy brands in my house this year is Playmobil. “Santa” (wink, wink) brought a lot of Playmobil sets to the house over Christmas and it has increased the play time value in our household. It is one of the toy brands that unites my two children of two different genders and two different ages. (Mom nirvana!) As I head to Toy Fair this year, I wanted to share with you some of the Playmobil products just recently introduced to the market or will be launched in 2015 that you should definitely consider. I picked these because they are neat in their own right, but they also can be expanded, so it extends the play value, and the financial investment, in the sets. Plus, it makes it easy to shop for birthdays & holidays when you just add on to an existing set. (Can I get a hallelujah!)
new playmobil sets 2015 charlene chronicles

New PLAYMOBIL Sets 2015

Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse

Playmobil Coast Guard Lighthouse Charlene ChroniclesAs we head into spring and summer, the Coast Guard Station With Lighthouse is a perfect fit. Kids can patrol the waterfront with the functional lighthouse, and a working ramp with a cable for the boat. Plus, the boat is floatable so kids can grab it for bath time or pool time fun too. The set comes with many accessories: five figures, floating boat, two rescue rings, oxygen tank, flippers and mask, surfboard, walkie talkies, emergency medical equipment, fire extinguisher, and more. Recommended for ages four to ten. Suggested Retail Price: $79.99
Fun Add: A benefit to this set is that kids can upgrade the boat in this set with the Playmobil Underwater Motor (#7350-$8.99) or extend the play with the Lighthouse keeping a lookout for the Rescue Boat (#5540-$53.99) that is launching in May or the brand new Catamaran with Dolphins! (#5130-$19.99).

Ferris Wheel with Lights

Playmobil Ferris Wheel Charlene ChroniclesFrankly, Playmobil Ferris Wheel with Lights is not just for kids (I can totally see it sitting on a desk or on a bookshelf in an office!) The Ferris Wheel has colorful flashing lights and seating for 14. Then turn the crank on the side of the Ferris wheel to start the ride. Set includes two adult figures, two child figures, functioning Ferris wheel, ticket office with tickets, cash register, computer, and other accessories. So not only is the Ferris Wheel fun, but kids can become entrepreneurs too. It will be available in August. Recommended for ages four to ten. Suggested Retail Price: $79.99
Fun Add: To operate the Ferris wheel automatically, upgrade this set with the Electric Ride Motor (#5556-$18.99) or make it a whole carnival with the addition of the soon-to-be launched Wheel of Fortune booth with prizes to be won! (#6394-$15.99)

Royal Lion Knight’s Castle

Fantasy sets are still big and this one lets kids defend the kingdom from enemy attacks! With a functioning portcullis, drawbridge, and defensive cannons, this castle is well-equipped to fend off even the fiercest onslaughts. There is even a secret trapdoor! The set includes four figures, multi-story castle, one horse, shields, swords, cannon, treasure chest, throne, handcuffs, bow and arrow, royal banners, ladders, and tons of other accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten. Suggested Retail Price: $199.99
Playmobil Knights Castle Charlene ChroniclesFun Add: The Playmobil Great Dragon (#6003-$34.99) is new this year, and can be hidden within the rocky cave! This set is also compatible with the torches from the King’s Treasure Guard (#6160-$12.99) too, that is available in August, and the Knight Market Stand (#7855-$32.99) can be a fun addition. Add the new Prison Tower (#6412-$77.99) or the Princess Fantasy Castle (#5142-$199.99) to create an even larger kingdom!
From Castles to Carnivals, and the Coast Guard to Catamarans, there is some fun new stuff in the world of Playmobil in 2015!
Check out my video overview of the Playmobil Modern Dollhouse!

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