New HAPE Toys To Have From Toy Fair

HAPE Toys has some new products sure to please parents and kids alike. Featured at Toy Fair, there were two featured HAPE toys I particularly liked. They are the Animated City Puzzle and the Monster Math Scale.
habe toys

Animated City Puzzle

This toy puzzle is a sizeable 49-piece cityscape puzzle. It comes with a magic card camera viewer that creates animated effects as you move it across the picture. Creativity and construction with a coolness factor! It is also a great social storyboard once a child completes it. The retail is around $20.
habe toys

Monster Math Scale

This toy is a cute monster family-themed weighing scale with ten larger weights and ten small, soft weights. Great for visual learning about simple addition and subtraction. It introduces children to weight, measurements, and balance, and helps to promote fine motor skills and concentration. The retail is around $30.
I liked these two products in particular because they offer a unique play factor not often seen in the toy marketplace. Plus, they look fun and educational at the same time! Check out for more details.

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