New Fantasyland Storybook Circus

{In a big announcer voice..}
Step Right Up! See the amazing Barnstormer, the magical Flying Elephants, a larger-than-life Mouse, a spray-tacular train, all in the fantastical New Fantasyland Storybook Circus!!!
My three year old was enthralled. Whether it was Goofy’s Barnstormer Rollercoaster, the Dumbo Flying Elephants, the splash pad or the Big Top Tent, he was in a kid-cloud.

The Barnstormer:
This is a kid roller coaster, but not a toddler roller coaster. I was really hesitant in my over-protective mom way, to want him to go on it, but he did….three times in a row. The concept is a nod to the field fairs where airplanes would perform stunts in the sky. So you sit in an old-fashioned plane, and the tracks make you feel like you are flying and performing stunts in the sky (no upside down stuff though!) This does move fast. Even if your child meets the height requirements, just watch it in action before making a decision. Otherwise, all I can say is that he was barely three and loved the thing.
Casey Jr. Splash N’ Soak Station:
During the hot days of summer, this will be the place to be. Kids can splash, cool off and have a lot of fun with these circus wagons sprouting water from elephants, camels and monkeys. It could get really crowded in the busy season, but even the mist from the water probably will keep the whole area cool and may be a good place to have a snack.
(To see a New Fantasyland Map, click here.)
Pete’s Silly Sideshow:
This is not a ride, but a place where you can meet and greet characters in a shade covered area. I also presume there is a secret entrance to the underground ‘city beneath the Big Top, so characters can rotate seemlessly – and the lines can keep moving. I love that it keeps the lines organized and you are not outside baking in the sun. We were told we had to leave our stroller outside though. Not sure if that is accurate generally, but something to consider if keeping the kids seated is a goal. If so, you may want to just capture the characters in other spots around the park, but you will probably be in the sun. Depending on when you go (summer vs. winter) or the age of your children, just weigh your options.

Dumbo Flying Elephant:
If you have ever been to the Magic Kingdom, you know that every kid (including myself as a kid) wanted to ride this attraction. Now there are two!! I presume to combat the long lines that plagued this attraction over the years. A fun fact is that one rotates clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. The Dumbos are also decorated in red and gold colors – a nod to the 1950s and 1960s tin toys. There is also a Big Top (air-conditioned) play area where the kids can let off some steam while you kick back with your beeper to wait for your turn. (By the way, you cannot use this area if you use the Fastpass option.)
I admit though, I have some reservations about the Big Top area that I thought I should mention. There is a little section for two and three year olds, but it is rather….limiting. Any three year old is going to want to run around the rope bridges, stairs and slides that are designed for the 4+ set. However, try to tell that to a three year old. We didn’t notice the signs saying what were the age requirements (not suggestions, requirements) until after the fact. Yet, no staff seemed to be monitoring the area. My son was playing on a rope-like bridge and got his hands stepped on by two eight-year olds and kicked in the face by a 7 year old. So my Disney suggestion is to avoid it, if you can, until you have a four year old, or when Disney Cast could be monitoring the area so parents aren’t dealing with it themselves. When it was our turn to go on the Dumbo ride (his inaugural ride!), he loved it, but it was the shortest attraction I have ever been on – even at Disney. Not short in “Its a Small World” way, but I think it only lasted one minute. I can only presume it is to another way to deal with the long lines, but still a bummer. Otherwise, when you are up in the air, the view is fantastic of the Storybook Circus area. You really get the feeling you are at an old-fashioned traveling circus.
It is also important to note that you can embark or disembark from the Railroad here. In the past, it was only in the front of the park, on Main Street USA, or in Frontierland. Now you can grab the train to head to the front of the park from here or take the traindirectly here, which is a great option for tired little legs! The decor is more elegant, which is part of America’s past, and the name is nod to the steam engine Walt Disney had in his own backyard.
This area, in my opinion, is more suited for parents or grandparents with kids 10 and under. Similar to the old Mickey and Minnie Toontown. While the New Fantasyland Enchanted Forest is for young and old, this is geared particularly to the kids. I love that fact. If you don’t have kids, it’s worth a walk-thru for the ambiance or to head to Big Pete’s Tent for the character meet and greets.
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