Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox and Playmat is a Prehistoric Hit

When I got the Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Toybox & Playmat to review, I knew immediately who needed to review this product; my 3.5 year old nephew who loves, loves, loves (did I say loves?) everything dinosaur. His room at home is decked-out-in-dino.

So I gave the Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox & Playmat to my brother and asked him to let me know how my nephew, and he as the parent, liked the product. After a weekend, he wrote this email:

“A” was excited to open the Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox & Playmat. At first, he was disappointed that only two dinosaur figures were included, but it was short lived once the toybox revealed a tropical prehistoric dinosaur island with an actively erupting volcano, bubbling tar pit, raging river, and dinosaur tracks to a mysterious cave with glowing eyes….”


So needless to say, the product was a big hit with my nephew! Then my brother went on to say what he and my sister-in-law liked about the product.

“Unlike other playmats and rugs, you do not have to leave the playmat on the floor or roll it back up after playtime. The playmat cleverly transforms into a toybox perfect for storing our sons dinosaurs. The easy-to-use zippers makes zipping and unzipping of the toybox/playmat a cinch. So easy our son can do it by himself, making clean-up a snap (or zip!). The toybox is the perfect size for sliding under the bed or storing on a toy shelf, yet large enough to store a large collection of dinosaurs. The toybox cover is secured by velcro straps, and matching strap handles make transporting the toybox easy.”


All in all, it sounds like the Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox and Playmat was a prehistoric hit.

You can find it at most large toy retailers, like for around $20-$25. So if you have a son or a daughter, grandson or grand-daughter, niece or nephew who loves dinosaurs, I think this is a great buy in terms of price, imagination potential, and functionality.

The Neat-Oh Dinosaur Toybox and Playmat is a trifecta of tyrannosaurus terrific-ness.
This product was complementary provided for review. All images and content are my own, and that of my family.

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