National Bubble Week

Despite what the thermometer says, spring (and summer) is just around the corner. One of our favorite family warm weather past times is to blow (and chase) bubbles around the yard!
outdoor bubble toys
This week is National Bubble Week. It started in 2000 as a way to celebrate spring. Because bubbles are such an iconic, fun outside toy, it’s only natural to use these floating spheres to usher in the season synonymous with outdoor play, laughter and sunshine.
To celebrate, get some bubbles! While good ol’fashion bubbles bottles are an easy hit, these are some fun bubble toys (affiliate link.)

o Gazillion Bubble Monsoon — create a skyward storm of bubbles instantly! Simply replace the cap on the bottle of bubble solution with the auto-feed cap (included), attach the solution bottle to the machine, press the button and watch in amazement as the sky fills with bubbles!

o Gazillion Bubbles Tornado — This machine may be small, but once you pour in Gazillion Bubbles solution, you’ll instantly see an endless flurry of bubbles with the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado!

o Gazillion Bubbles Bump-N-Go Bubble Car – Fuel the car with Gazillion Bubbles solution, turn the car on and watch as it drives around, blowing bubbles on the go! Don’t worry if it bumps into something, it will change direction and keep moving while a trail of bubbles follows in its path!
Other things you can do is try out some bubble tricks! How do bubbles work? Are bubbles always round? What happens to bubbles when you change the temperature? Test out these questions and more with fun, easy bubble experiments, and it is a great science project or teachable moment with the kids too.
Share your bubble memories and enter the annual photo contest with prizes monthly from now until August 30, 2015 at Funrise Toys!
If you don’t have bubbles at home, here are some recipes to make your own bubble solution and bubble wands.

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