My Sibling and My Pal Dolls

Loretta Rose, LLC is a family-owned business. It has been fulfilling the growing demand for boy dolls in the 18-inch doll marketplace for the past decade. It has My Sibling Dolls and My Pal Dolls. The company provides an opportunity for children to learn about important educational themes through their boy dolls.
Boy dolls can eliminate stereotypes, foster imagination, develop social skills, and improve emotional responses.  My Sibling and My Pal Dolls expand upon those learning concepts.

Social Stories

my sibling boy dollsFor example, the My Pals dolls each come with booklets about important themes for children to learn from. They can develop their own stories too. Alternatively, the My Siblings Dolls comes with a booklet that contains a story. It is told from the perspective of a typical child. The story is about what life might be like when a child has a brother or sister with a disability. The booklet also provides educational information about that disability.

Home Grown

Booklets, clothing and some accessories for My Sibling Dolls are made in the USA. The company is a family run, small business. It really works with everyone who shops with them with some customization options available. There are fun boy doll clothing options too! The suit (with a tie) is my personal favorite.
My Sibling Dolls are outfitted, labeled, and packaged by adults with disabilities at a local sheltered workshop. They have many boy dolls with a variety of themes, ethnicities and more. Making it one of the largest variety of boy dolls in the market. (MSRP: $64.99)
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