My A to G Adventures in the New Toyota RAV4

This will be my ride for one week! The premium edition of the new Toyota RAV4. I mentioned that I would be getting a chance to test drive it in my previous post. And I got a chance to be a passenger on a recent four state adventure. But it is now in my driveway.

new Toyota RAV4 interior specs 2013

Isn’t it snazz-a-licious?
It’s clean too. My kids are on a juice and snack ban in the car this week!
We are going on a #MyRAV4Adventure. Since I have it for 7 days, we are doing A to G excursions. Going to seven places in seven days from A to G. Fun spaces, typical Mom places. All to see how the new Toyota Rav 4 fits our family life with the new Toyota RAV4 interior and exterior pictures showing all the “fun in the 4”!
A – Airport
With enough cargo space to fit several suitcases, yet nimble enough to get around airport drop off, this was a perfect way to head off on vacation!


B – Birthday Party
The spacious front made it comfortable to snooze and catch up on some emails while waiting for my son’s friend’s birthday party to end.


C – Coffee Run
I need my Starbucks. Thank goodness for drive-thrus and plenty of cup holders. Plus good gas mileage so I could go on a coffee search.


D – Donation Day
One of my favorite features was the automatic life gate. Whether opening or closing, it was a quick work of loading and unloading the car. While this was donation day, the same can be said for everyday with shopping bags and strollers. Plus, the level of the trunk is not too high or too low, making my back very happy.


E – Excitement
Okay, so technically this is not a destination but as the old saying goes, sometimes it is not just the destination, but the road that gets you there. Or something like that. Either way, my son was over the moon with the car. Especially when I said he could sit in the drivers seat.


F – Food Store
I love the capacity of the new Toyota RAV4 but also the ability to still be able to park in busy areas. The car I had was the premium version. It had a backup camera with warning zones, and the same for the side view mirrors.

G – Grooming Salon

Even the dogs got a ride. Though, out of everyone, they weren’t that excited – solely based on the fact of where they were going, however.



But on the way back home, they were a bit more excited. Especially to sit in the back seat. Two dogs, one baby. Plenty of room.
new toyota RAV4 interior
So that is our new Toyota RAV4 Adventure! I must say, I really, really liked the car. Other than the fact it felt a bit more like a jeep than a car, it had all of the same features as my 2010 Lexux RX350, and even more so. While I was provided the car for a week to drive, I didn’t need it, if you know what I mean. We are already a two car household so there was no benefit per se. So feel like I can unbiasedly say that I highly recommend the car and if you are in the market for a small SUV, this should definitely go on your car shopping list – especially the premium version of it.
Happy Driving! {Vroom!}
new toyota rav4 interior

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