Mission Chase Paw Patrol Toy Review

Mission Chase is one of the first ‘larger’ sized Paw Patrol toys in stores now. Last year, the Paw Patrol toys took the holiday season by storm with all of the mini-figures and vehicles, and the Paw Patrol lookout. This year, the Paw Patroller Truck and Mission Chase are the Paw Patrol toys to have. I purchased the Patrol Patroller myself, but was fortunate to receive a complimentary Mission Chase for review.
Having a larger Chase in their Paw Patrol toy collection enables kids to feel like they have a ‘real’ Chase tagging along, so that is a fun benefit – to have another size Chase toy. Because of that fact, it mentally does not take the place of the smaller Chase and Paw Patrol characters your kids may have. There is a place for both in your child’s play day.
The one negative is that Mission Chase does not walk. Perhaps I am a bit jaded with the toys on the market today that walk forward and backwards, but I was surprised that Mission Chase did not have that feature.
However, it does move in that it can stand and sit down, lift and turn its head. It is a nice feature because it gives authenticity to the words that Chase speaks when giving his mission. You can see what I mean in my YouTube video here:

There are over 100 mission combinations. All you have to do is press Chase’s badge and listen to the instructions. If you aren’t sure what to do, he reminds or gently prompts your child to take action, as you can see from the above video.
The educational benefit of the toy is listening and following direction: two things that are not my kids’ forte. So I like how it is improving those skills and that they don’t know that the toy is improving said skills. (I love being a sneaky Mom.)
You don’t have to follow the missions. The features (the net, the megaphone) can be used without it so kids can use Chase in his ‘off’ position to create their own missions.
While this may not be toy that lasts long in the engagement sense as compared to other toys on the market, or in its durability (with all the moving parts, kids do need to be a bit careful), it gives a lot of fun in the time it has with your child. So it is on the my 2015 Toy List as a result.
You can find Mission Chase by Spinmaster on Amazon and other toy retailers!

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