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Basic Math EquationIt is a worry of mine that my children will struggle as I did with arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Yet, a lot of the struggles can be avoided with a few points to consider.
At a Math is Fun event hosted by Dads Do Good and sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (a Boston-based company), I listened to a panel of math experts, who shared their strategies for making math fun.
First, don’t panic. Just because you don’t know algebra doesn’t mean it is a hopeless cause. Be calm and your kids will pick up on your enthusiasm (and not your own dread.)
Second, be involved. While it is natural to shy away from things we don’t understand and don’t enjoy, be involved with your child’s math curriculum and their teacher. Ask questions and get lesson plans.
Third, make it fun. There are a variety of online games and tablet apps. While they are not a substitution, they are a great enhancement to reinforce, renew or challenge at a variety of math levels.
Fourth, think outside the box. Use everyday activities to incorporate math. Do you like to watch the TV show Deal or No Deal? Learn about probabilities!
While society can do a lot more to make math interesting, fun and fabulous, it can start a home. No matter at what age.
These were some apps and websites that the panel recommended for parents and kids alike. Hopefully one is right for you!

  • BrainPop – Subscription based online educational website for a variety of subjects, including Math.
  • ABCya – Free online educational kids computer games and activities for kids in pre-K through grade 5.
  • The Learning Company – an online website where you can print out math workbooks.
  • Number Stax – App for the iPad and iPhone teaching valuable math fundamentals and algebra practice for children 12+.
  • HMH Fuse – App for the iPad with a full length curriculum for Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry.
  • Singapore Math, Bar Models – a method to help kids grades 2-5 master problem solving skills.
  • Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math – a new Wii game where kids can interact with math content to solve clues.
  • ………………………………………………….
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    Disclosure: I attended a sponsored event where I learned about these tips and resources. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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