Lum Lums Doll

One of the fun new toys for girls are the Lum Lums doll by Imperial Toy. They are hard, plastic dolls that are about 4 inches high, each with a different story and name. But where it gets fun, is the story of friendship.
They are about being friends and when you are friends, they light up. Using some science, when you hold the little hand (with a magnetic ball at the end) your energy lights up the Lum Lum. Add a Lum Lum on the other side and they both light up. Or create a circle of Lum Lums and people, and see them all shine.
Lum Lums also light up when 4 Dolls are connected in A Circle Of Friendship.
Each Lum Lum comes with her own pet Nunu. Nunu´s light up when a Lum Lum “pets” them on their nose. Nunus also light up when they touch noses with other Nunu´s.
Each Lum Lums include lots of Fashion Accessories that will fit Most Lum Lum Dolls. A unique puzzle closure on back of skirts and simple Pull On/off feature for boots makes changing outfits easy for little hands. Though the accessories can be rather small and easy to lose, so keep a small box or baggie to store the small bracelets and necklaces. I also am not sure how to change the batteries when the light stops working.
lum lums doll
The four dolls are called Floressa, Trindi, Yummie and Valerina. They retail for about $15.99.
Floressa´s creativity is in full bloom. Dress her up for the Garden Party, where her flower arrangements will shine. Her Pet Nu Nu, Luu Luu is excited to tag along.
Trindi The Fashionista Is Ready To Dominate The Runway. Play Dress Up With Trindi´s Stylish Selections Including Two Colorful Skirts, Boots, A Purse, A Trendy Necklace, And Two Fashionably Fun Hair Charms. She Also Comes With Her Favorite Fashion Accessory- Her Adorable Light-up Pet Nunu, Foo Foo.
Yummie´s pastry creations are the talk of the town. She bakes in style with her pet Sous-chef Tum Tum.
Valerina´s dancing will always steal the show. She is ready to rock the stage with two costume changes and her biggest fan – Her Light-up Pet Nu Nu, Tuu Tuu, to cheer her on.
I’m giving away two Lum Lums! So enter below and see all my other amazing giveaways here! (Note: The contest has ended, but not enough people entered the giveaway per the rules. The prize pack will be donated to a charity.)


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