The Five Reasons Why You Should Have Legal Contracts for Influencers

Between my years of being an influencer and many more years of being an attorney, I have seen the importance of legal contracts with influencers. It protects each brand but it also sets the expectations and tone for the relationship and the project.

I had the opportunity to have my thoughts published in the September Issue of The Toy Book. I walk through the five L.E.G.A.L. strategies brands should consider when deciding to work with influencers. However, the number one thing where I think brands fail is not communicating enough. Even when campaigns are quiet, brands should be engaging and educating influencers.

Remember, they are also parents and consumers themselves! While you may have hired them to promote on social media or websites, they also do word-of-mouth advertising in their parenting and family circles. They’ll feel more connected to you outside of the working relationship and more willing to negotiate in future business relationships if they value your company and not just your product.

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