LeapFrog Epic vs Platinum

The LeapFrog Epic is the latest LeapFrog tablet to hit the market, and what makes it different from the other latest LeapFrog tablet, the LeapPad Platinum, are the Android operating system, more memory, expanded internet capability, bluetooth technology.
You can see the entire specs of the Epic here and even compare it to the specs of the LeapFrog Platinum, but the general gist is that it acts more like a iPad or Kindle than a traditional kid learning tablet in the sense that it has more memory, an Android system and bluetooth.
leapfrog epic vs leappad platinum
Having an Android based LeapFrog tablet means that you can use LeapFrog apps, as well as traditional Android apps, which means that as your kids grow, they can play mainstream games. The only thing it cannot use are the traditional LeapFrog cartridges.
The ability to have 16MB (with the option to have an expansion card) means kids can load it up, compared to other learning tablets (even from the LeapFrog line.) So there is internal longevity and external longevity with the tough kid-friendly construction, for which LeapFrog tablets are known.
Also, having the expanded internet capacity means that while the kids are young, you can control access to the internet. However, as they grow older, you can grow the access they have to the internet. Plus, LeapFrog has curated more ‘grown up’ content with kid-friendly Android apps (that don’t have in-app purchases (YAY!) or advertising), kid-friendly YouTube videos and more.

What I personally like about the LeapFrog Epic is that it has the licensed kid content that makes the LeapFrog tablets more interesting to my kids, and has good learning content, which makes me feel better about letting them have screen time. However, the Epic stands out because it has a kid-friendly approach to a traditional tablet – combining the best of both worlds in the technology realm for kids.
The cost of the Platinum is $129 and the Epic is $139. You can purchase on (affiliate link) Amazon as well as other retailers.
Definitely check out the website to see the specifications to see if it is right for your child personally. In my opinion, if you already have a LeapPad, then this is worth the upgrade. If you don’t have any LeapPad, and your child is 6+, then get the Epic for the most longevity. Otherwise, in my opinion, the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum is a better choice for younger children starting off with their first tablet, due to the more kid-friendly navigation, and options with cartridges and Imagicards and apps, the Platinum offers compared to the Android-based Epic.
Check out my reviews of the LeapPad Platinum in the links below, and check out my YouTube channel for my LeapFrog video reviews!

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