Last Minute Stocking Stuffers – Toys

Just 36 hours and counting!

Each of these last minute stocking stuffers are under $20 and have tremendous play value – so those presents under the tree won’t get all the glory! You can see them in action in my TV interview on The Rhode Show here. And here is the recap of everything I featured.

The first is the Chuck and Friends Mini-figures. Chuck the Dump truck and his friends are popular characters and now they have licenced Marvel vehicles too! My son loves cars and Marvel and put the two together and you have stocking stuffer nirvana! They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and there are cute faces on the vehicles so kids can play with them as cars or characters. For under 3 bucks, you get great play value for kids 2+.

These are the Crystal Surprise Lucky Pets and the story is that they are born when the sun and moon share the sky and they luckify the person who has it. There are several lucky traits. You get 2 charms – one to share the luck! And they are great collectibles for kids! Put some in the stocking now and collect more in the new year. Very blingy and glam. My favorite. They are about $7 for kids 6+.

These are Moji Mi, by Little Kids, Inc. and as you know kids and even adults are using emoticons – more so than words! So these are little emoticons come to life and they make funny sounds based on their personality. Tickle their hair and have fun! They are around $8 for kids 6+.

Road Rippers Rev Up Monsters by Toy State are mini Dinos. You just rev them up and let them roll! You get a great working toy – that doesn’t require batteries – for less than $5 dollars! For kids 3+.

Skylanders has been around for a few years, but now they have the Skylanders Superchargers that expands the game play even more. If you have a child that is already a fan, you know they love to collect all the characters, but the vehicles are toys in their own rights with moving parts. My son is 6 and not yet into gaming, but here he can use a toy and can later use it as a game piece – so there is great play expansion potential. For kids 6+ and the individual figures are $12 or so.

Then we have the Strand Bands – this is the multicolor band pack. You can use it with the larger Styler and bracelet kits, or on its own, and it is a nod to the popular DIY jewelry trend. The stands are strectchy and water proof. You can peel them apart in one strand, two or three, mix colors, change the pattern…lots of creativity here and a great activity to do during school vacation week! This Strand Bands refill pack is about $8 for kids 8+.

Lastly, we have by Thames and Kosmos the Ultralight Airplane.s It’s lightweight plastic and bamboo, and not only is it a fun plane – but you can make different wing configurations. Kids can learn about aviation and aerodynamics. It’s part of the STEM trend in toys, and it is a great educational toy to have in a stocking. It’s about $20 for kids 8+.

So you have collectibles and crafts, tech and toys! Which equals a fabulous stocking to unstuff on Christmas morning! Happy holidays everyone!

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