Kudo Banz Review: Alternative to a Chore Chart

Wondering ways to manage (and maybe even improve) your child’s behavior. Whether it is tantrums, going to bed on time, eating dinner or going to the bathroom, there are several ways to go about making an impact. The most positive and effect way is through positive behavior modification.
This past summer, I discovered a unique way to reward kids for those positive behaviors, making smart choices, completing chores and engaging in other responsibilities. It is called Kudo Banz.
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Ways to Manage Kids Behaviors

There are many ways to teach kids, and reward kids, with chores, choices and conscientiousness. Whether it is a chore chart, board, stickers, pom-poms, allowance, check marks, these can provide the positive reward. However, very few of them are portable.
That chore chart at home cannot be taken on the road and promises of coins or prizes when you get home later miss the immediate, positive reward kids often need. Kudo Banz provides that interactive, on-the-go solution.
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Kudo Banz

Not only is having Kudo Banz available outside the house on the go, but it engages kids directly. They wear their immediate reward via the flexible wrist band. So it is not a two dimensional concept on a wall. They can engage with it by seeing it, touching it and sharing it. Often that extra concept can engage kids in a manner otherwise not successful with other options.
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How it works is that you set a goal(s) with your child. For example, if your child takes a deep breath instead of engaging in an outburst, they can be rewarded with a Kudo for their wristband. After they get 3 Kudos, they can scan their band (using the app on your phone or tablet) to spin their reward wheel. Each time your child unlocks the reward wheel, they will move up a level. This helps visualize their progress and encourages long-term behavioral goals.
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Ideas for using Kudo Banz

Parents can set the goals as they see fit. It can be an action (like making a bed) or a behavior (like not using a swear word.) Plus, you can change the goals. It can be a daily thing – like today we are going to keep our hands to ourselves. Alternatively, it can be a weekly goal, such as going to bed on time. There is a lot of flexibility depending on the needs of your child or family. Thus, Kudo Banz make it more interactive than a traditional ‘chore’ chart, since they get to wear their accomplishment.

However, the app does not store or show the goals. The app is only the reward part. So if you need to outline the goals for the day or week, you will need to verbalize it or use a dry erase board so they can remember what are their goals. It would be nice to have a e-feature for this on the go.
You can also record your own voice for the prize wheel and customize the prizes as well (3-8 prizes and what kind), so you can truly tailor it to your child. If you have more than one child, you can only tailor the prize wheel once. I would like to see each prize wheel customizable. That would be my only critique.

How to Use the Kudo Banz

You can purchase more ‘Kudos’ for the bands too, so you are not limited to what is in the starter pack. There are fun groupings like Dinosaurs or Princesses. So you can entice children with their interests with the kudos. My kids really enjoyed ‘picking’ which one they wanted to wear that day and see come to life when they scanned it in the app.
The Banz only hold 3 Kudos as a time. So one suggestion is to make it a daily thing: meet three goals and get three kudos and spin the reward wheel at the end of the day. Then take the Kudos off to start fresh the next day, or take them off in the morning.
For older kids, or to transition, you can make the three goals a weekly thing, or have then earn the three each day for 7 days straight. In that case, take off the three previous Kudoz on the Band once the child gets their fourth Kudo. Those three Kudos can go into a jar for the remainder of the week, so they can mix and match. Once the week is over, or the weekly goal is met, you can ‘take back’ the Kudos and reuse for the following week.

Therapists may want to pick this up too. During the course of a session, kids may have to meet certain goals or a certain number of goals before being rewarded with a break, snack or other reward. They can use the Banz as a tracker instead of a traditional dry erase board with check marks.

Alternative to Chore Chart

The Kudo Banz Starter pack is $29.99 and is ideal for kids 3-10, though it can be great for kids with special needs above the age of 10. What you get out of the box is 2 Banz, 6 Kudos, a Kudo Banz Storybook, a Carrying Pouch, and a Registration Code for the App. The two Banz are great for multiple children or to have one as a backup.
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I found the Banz to easily fit kid wrists and the soft silicone minimizes sensory issues for most kids. Plus, it can withstand handwashing, baths, showers and other wet activities (or spills!)
However, if your child has concerns wearing the band, find a carabiner and link the band so it is like a keychain. Then they can attach around their waistband loops or backpack, and not have to wear it.
If you are frustrated that your chore charts and behavioral charts are not working, definitely give this a try for the reasons I mentioned above. This may be the solution you have been looking for! If you order on Amazon and are a Prime member, you can get started in two days!

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