Easy Spring Craft Ideas for Kids That Don’t Take a Lot of Time!

If you are looking for some creative things kids can do this spring or Easter, I have some excellent craft inspiration. When kids do fun crafts, they learn valuable skills such as listening and attending, as well as gaining fine motor skills, visual skills, imagination, and creativity. Plus, it is such a simple way to connect with our kids!

The most important thing to note about this post is that the items don’t take much time to prepare. I dislike landing on blog posts and reading about ALL THE THINGS you have to run around to get before you even get started! Who has time for that! Or these long complicated things that take an entire weekend! So here are five fun craft ideas for spring and Easter that are simple, easy, fun and doable!

Make a Sock Bunny

Fill a sock with rice, sand, or cotton balls until about 2/3 full. Tie a piece of string around the top part to contain the rice and make the ears. Then tie a piece of string around the middle to upper middle part of the sock to show the body and the head. Lastly, cut right down the middle of the extra sock part to make the two ears. Round the ends of the ears with a scissor. Hot glue on embellishments for the face, use markers, cut twine for the whiskers, and decorate with ribbon/bows, etc.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Lay three sheets of unfolded tissue paper down on a flat surface. Fold the paper accordion style and secure with a pipe cleaner in the center. Fluff the paper. Then make some more. Put all the flowers together to create a bouquet or centerpiece for a spring table.

Make a Spring Garden

Using a paper egg carton, fill each egg section with dirt. Plant a seed in each area. Using popsicle sticks, decorate with the name, drawing, etc., and place them in the corresponding section. Water and watch your seed grow to transfer and plant outside in the summer.

Yogurt Mini Easter Baskets

Take a clean used yogurt container, wrap it in construction paper, stickers, etc. Punch a hole through the top of the container on each side. String through ribbon or pipe cleaner to make a handle. Decorate with beads to have a DIY basket! Smaller yogurt containers are great for mini baskets for place settings, while larger yogurt containers are great for collecting candy!

Need some more spring and Easter craft ideas for kids that are creative, fun, simple, and easy! Check out this post of the Alternative Ways You Can Use Plastic Easter Eggs for Crafts!

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