Five Fun Things To Do With Kids During Coronavirus Confinement

ideas for kids during coronavirus confinement
In the coming weeks, it will be a parenting challenge to keep things exciting and engaging at home. Everyone has experience with their kiddos declaring ultimate boredom after a week of school vacation or a few snow days in a row. However, with the coronavirus school closures entering week three for many (with more weeks to go) – and no entertainment options outside the home – it can seem daunting! Yet, here are five ideas that may help!

Schedule a Car Meetup

Set up a car playdate or drive by a house. Meet up with your child’s friend’s family in a secure location. Park at least six feet from each other due to coronavirus guidelines, roll down the windows, and have a chat! Sometimes it is nice to see another face. It can perk up children to see a friend in person rather than through a screen. Alternatively, have the friend stand on the steps of their house. Then drive by to let your child wave, honk the horn, and say hello! If you know it is someone’s birthday, decorate the car, encourage others to do the same, and have a birthday parade of cars in front of the birthday child’s house!

Walk with Chalk

Sometimes another walk in the neighborhood is boring! Bring chalk and encourage your child to leave little positive messages on the street to perk up the spirits of other walkers in the area!

Set Up a Sign

If you are able, set up a poster board on a stake at the end of the driveway. Leave a message like, “what is your favorite color?” Then see who responds. While you cannot leave a marker for them to use, to contain the spread of the coronavirus, encourage them to bring a pen on the next walk to leave a reply.

Set Up a Hunt

Reach out to your neighborhood group or school group to see if anyone wants to participate in a rainbow hunt or bear hunt. How it works is that participants leave a picture of a rainbow or put a plush teddy bear in a window. Then as children walk or drive by, they have to ‘hunt’ for the item! Who has one? Which window is it in? It is like a scavenger hunt of sorts!

Do Chalk Art Images

Have the kids create fun chalk art. Maybe it’s a bike or a bunch of balloons. Then have them lay down in the images riding the bike or holding the balloons, then take a picture! Let them share on social media or send the picture to the family. See what they can come up with for ideas!
All in all, these five ideas inspire creativity and getting out of the house! Those are key things to keep kids from going cuckoo during this coronavirus confinement. But these ideas may also be fun at any time in the future!

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