Kid Clothes at the Nordstrom Rack Boston

In my past style posts this spring, I’ve shared the trends of leather and lace, florals and mint, and my favorite, black and white. We chatted about how to incorporate those trends into mom-worthy outfits, but what about the kids?
There are many ways to incorporate these trends into our kids wardrobe too, but with one exception: Kids grow fast and ‘investing’ in pieces, doesn’t make much sense. So finding stylish options on a budget is key. So, where to go? My favorite place to find trendy designers and trendy pieces for kids is the Nordstrom Rack. I’ve been shopping at the Rack for my kids for over three years now; everything from shoes to sleepwear, jackets to jeans.
So I was invited to go on a mini-kid shopping excursion at the new Nordstrom Rack on Boylston Street in Boston. The kid department here is smaller than the Rack I typically shop at, but the style and designer quotient? Totally top notch – as you would expect from Boston.
There was Burberry…for 50% off. There was Juicy Couture clothing and accessories….for crazy awesome prices.

Nordstrom Rack Boston Designers

Shoes. Seriously, four huge walls of kid shoes! This is only one wall in the picture. Note that the shoes are upstairs (while the children’s department is on the first floor) and they don’t have any kid shoes under size 4.

Nordstrom Rack Shoes

Designer Diaper Bags? Yup.

Nordstrom Rack Diaper Bags

Tons of toys and other baby gear too. In many ways, the designer product selection here surpassed the selection in the suburbs.
nordstrom rack boston
The only notable variation in the Boston store that I saw is that the clothing is more packed in the racks due to square footage limitations. So rather than seeing a display of coats, another of jeans, sorted by designer, for example, more things are combined by size. Yet, personally, I love shopping that way. I much prefer just going to the 9-12m section and see if anything catches my eye for my daughter before shifting to the 3T section for my son. It makes shopping easier, especially when the kids are with me, which is more often than not, rather than having to shop from display, to display, to display. So what they might think is a store blip, is a dream for me.
So I went to work and found some great outfit kid outfit ideas to share.

Kids clothes

(From left to right)
The first outfit idea is a nod to the floral trend. It is an adorable tunic paired with dark Joe’s skinny jeans. The second outfit is a nod to the black and white with this silky top, with the bling around the color to give it pizazz, paired with black leggings. I also found a denim blazer that would be super cute on cool days. The last outfit is a pair of levis jeans with a graphic t-shirt for a boy. I loved this Star Wars shirt because of the retro factor and the mango color that is on trend too.
What also works with these outfits is that the pieces can easily work with other items. The skinny jeans and black leggings can always work with other fashion items and the boy jeans are a wardrobe staple. So the key factor is find one piece that is trendy and pair it with a basic piece that can be worn with other items to expand your budget.
Some other pieces I loved were these floral jeans paired with a lavender top, and red coral top with the bright blue skinny jeans. Again, you can get extra wear out of the lavender top by pairing it with the bright bright blue jeans and the red coral top can work with the denim skinny jeans from above. So four outfits easy translate to several and all these designer pieces shown came to about $125 – at least 60% off retail price.
kid outfits nordstrom rack children's department
Don’t forget about the shoes! I found these adorable pairs. They weren’t the right size for my daughter but I had to share them since silver is the new neutral in shoes and every girl should have silver shoes in her wardrobe. The silver sandals or ballet flats would be super adorable with the bright blue pants with the red coral top outfit above or with the black & white outfit. I also grabbed the hot pink sandals because of the floral detail. Pair it with a simple dress and your little girl is on trend. These shoes retail for 50% off what you would find at the department store.
nordstrom rack boston kid shoes
One of the reasons I have always gravitated to the Nordstrom Rack for my kids’ shoes is that you don’t sacrifice quality for price. There are Born, Stride Ride, Prada, Keen brands, to name a few, at bargain brand prices. A good shoe helps with their body mechanics, growth, walking, etc. and I don’t want to compromise on that….and I don’t have to at the Rack.
One last shopping suggestion is to find a full outfit while you are shopping, that way you know you have one full workable outfit and not pieces here and there that don’t work in a wardrobe. Alternatively, keep a list in your smartphone of the pieces you need. For example, I knew that I needed more shirts for my son. So I have the list of the pant colors he has, so I can look on my phone to remind me of the colors tops I need to find to match.
All in all, if you work in Boston, make sure to swing by before heading home, or if you are like me, and shop at a Rack in the suburbs, you should definitely put the Boston Nordstrom Rack on your seasonal shopping list for the kids.
And I can’t wait to go back to also go shopping for myself!
Image Credit: My own. All Rights Reserved.
Disclosure: I received a Nordstrom Rack Gift Card and a morning of shopping bliss! All content and ideas, however, are my own!


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