Bust a Move to Kickstarter for Mad Moves

Whether you landed on this post because you did a Google search (hello Googlite) or you know me and my love for cool new things, then you’ll see why I had to share this new Kickstarter campaign for a game called Mad Moves.
mad moves
Before I get into what it is, let me tell you…..

Why I love the Mad Moves Game.

You move.
Kids (and adults) don’t get ansty having to sit down for a long board game. They are the game.
It is easy.
Unlike games where you have to know popular culture in order to guess what someone is saying or drawing, this is common comprehension.
Has imagination.
I’m all for games that work on executive functioning, reading comprehension, mathematical skills and the like. However, it is also essential to play games that foster imagination. This game is that.
It’s dance.
There are not many games built on a core of dancing or dance moves as its main focus, so those that love to dance will really appreciate its origins.
Indie all the way.
Meaning, it is developed by a single person with a vision for fun. I love folks that can strive to come up with an idea, stay with it, believe in it, and strive to make it happen. Talk about Mad Moves. Dem’ mad moves right there to get to a launch like they are doing!
Girl Power.
Yes, I said it. I love supporting women entrepreneurs. We need more. Enough said.
mad moves game

What is Mad Moves

Let’s get into what it is. It is a game with over 300+ Mad Moves you can create. Like where you pretend to be a monkey doing the twist or act like a T-Rex performing ballet. The game combines popular dance moves with an animal, action, or person.
The game is for ages six to 100, and for three or more players. Players spin and draw a corresponding category card, which include different actions, animals and people, and are used in charades style guessing games and dance battles. Shhhh. No talking! The first person to guess, wins the card. The overall winner is the one with the most category cards at the end.
mad moves dancing game
There’s also a Midnight Spinner, sold separately, to take the dance party to the next level of hilarity. This spinner includes: booty dance, belly dance, breakdance, shimmy and dance battle. My parenting thoughts? Great for teens and up.

Founder of Mad Moves

Ashley Mady began her career at one of the largest toy companies in the industry. Then, as an agent, she reinvigorated, established, and built brands and entertainment properties. She serves as President of Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT), the global networking organization for professional women working in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. Mad Moves is Mady’s first kickstarter campaign.
I highly encourage you to follow Mad Moves online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at www.mymadmoves.com. You can tell your friends you “knew them when they were launching”, or “I Mad Moved them to stardom cause I supported them!”
They are close to halfway in reaching their goal. Give them a pat on the back and a public thank you in return for $10. Alternatively, support them with $29 to get a copy of the game. There are other add-ons for additional support.
Want to learn more some tips about playing Mad Moves for younger players and why it is a good game for kids on the spectrum, read my post here.

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