Fun Indoor Toys for a Snow Day

Just because it is a snow day, doesn’t mean kids can play outside in the snow. Whether it’s blizzard conditions or sub-zero temperatures, often kids are stuck inside on a snow day. Then they are on their screens! To get them away from that, and having fun, check out these indoor snow day toys.
indoor snow day toys

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Sets by Lego (Price and Age Varies)

What is great about Lego for a snow day is that you get the building process for entertainment value and then you can play with what you built. There are various price points and experience levels so you can find one that is right for the family.

Orb Molecules by Orb Toys (MSRP $15+, Ages 3+)

For another build and play, these sets have over 10,000 pieces of different sizes and shapes that you mold together to create something. It holds it shape so you can play with what you create. It only sticks to itself so clean up is easy and you can use it again and again.

Snap Shouts by Mattel (MSRP $20, Ages 10+)

This is a great game for tweens and teens as it is very Instagram-esque. You get five letter cards and five pictures cards. You assign a letter to the picture and caption it. Then the other player have to guess your caption. Whomever gets the most points, by correctly guessing the caption, wins!

Jenga Pass Challenge by Hasbro (MSRP $20, Ages 8+)

Stack the Jenga Blocks, but the twist is that you do it on the base that you hold. Then you pass the base to your opponent. You stack and pass it back and forth until it crashes!

Twinkle Tent by Jay@Play (MSRP $80, Ages 4+)

Play tents are so much fun. We always pull out our camping tent for the kids to play in, have puppet shows, etc. on a rainy or snowy day. This one is themed as a dragon’s lair or princess castle with a twinkle star on top of the tent. The star lights reacts to your kids movement and sounds! Making it an indoor disco!

LaserX by NSI International (MSRP $50, Ages 6+)

This is the ultimate form of high tech tag. Or get a base for individual fun. Either way, the range is up to 200 feet and the infrared technology enables the beam to bounce off walls and go through windows. Plus, they designed it to not look like or sound like a rifle. Bonus.

Snowtime Anytime Snowballs by Playvisions (MSRP $20, Ages 3+)

These are soft faux snowballs that crunch like snow. Have indoor snowball fights or play snowball games. The snowballs are machine washable on the gentle cycle too!

Once the weather clears, then head outside to play in the snow. Check out these outdoor snow toys for more snow day fun!

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