How to Make Snow Cone Syrup

Making snow cones is easy and fun! Plus, it is a much healthier treat than ice cream for those times you need to watch the calories. But mainly, it is just fun! Now that summer is here, let’s make some snow cones!
Here is how you can make your own homemade snow cone syrup!
how to make snow cone syrup
To make homemade snow cone syrup you need a flavor (like strawberry puree or blueberry puree) and simple syrup. It is easy to make each of these, and by making them, you avoid artificial flavors, corn syrup, and dyes for color. So here is how you do it.
How to Make Simple Syrup
how to make simple syrup
To make simple syrup, boil one cup of water together with one cup of sugar in a pan on the stove. You know it’s done when the water goes from cloudy to clear. Let cool. Voila!
While it is cooling, make the homemade puree!
How to Make Homemade Strawberry Puree.
how to make homemade puree
To make homemade strawberry puree for a snow cone, take a cup of strawberries, wash, dry and puree in a food processor or blender. You might need to add water to make it more smooth. So continually add the water until liquid.
Snow Cone Syrup Recipe
Mix the puree together with the syrup in a pan. Heat these together on the stove until well blended. Let cool and then pour over shaved ice that you can make in a blender!
Serve in paper cone cups, like these from Amazon and enjoy!

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