The Hottest Toy Trends for 2021 Are Out Of This World

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Wondering what the hottest toys will be for 2021? A key indicator of what the hot toys will be is first knowing what the year’s toy trends are. The Toy Insider just announced what they think will be the most popular toy trends of the year!

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Typically, I travel to Toy Fair New York every February. When I am there, I get a sneak peek at what toys will be on store shelves. As a contributing editor with The Toy Insider and a Toy Insider Parent, I get to run around with the Toy Insider Team. We get to see, touch, and play with the coolest toys. With TFNY21 canceled due to COVID-19, however, there is no toy travel for yours truly. (Insert crying emoji here.)

The Toy Insider has its picks for the hottest toy trends for 2021. So what will be on your kids’ wish list this year? Well, it will be out-of-this-world viral family fun that will invoke sustainable feelings of home. (Lot’s of hints in that last sentence…..)” (Charlene DeLoach)

With technology being a thing in 2020 and spilling over into 2021, The Toy Insider team got virtual sneak peeks at various toys. As a result, key trends emerged, and they announced their six picks!. So parents and collectors – take note!

  • Space
  • Sustainability
  • Family Game Play
  • At Home Activities
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Tik Tok Trends

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Toy Insider Trend #1 – “To Infinity and Beyond!

STEM-focused toys have a big trend over the past several years, but this year many STEM toys have a space component. As a result, this trend helps kids get out of their headspace and into space. With NASA becoming more active and kids following shuttle launch on Twitter, it is nice to look up at the stars as we are stuck at home!

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Toy Insider Trend #2 – “It’s Easy Being Green

This past couple of years, a big trend is companies taking a sustainable approach to toys, toy recycling, and toy packaging. This year, the trend is more notable because there are even more companies engaged in it. Plus, many toys are also teaching about recycling and being sustainable. While green is great, parents will really appreciate additional play patterns this trend will create with collectibles having a playscape from the packaging or a truck having a garage to park in from the box in which it came.

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Toy Insider Trend #3 – “Home Is Where the Fun Is

With families unable to engage in weekend getaways, summer camps, or even the local festival or fair, companies emulate the experiences at home, from children’s museum-type toys to backyard bonanzas. These toys will help give families the opportunities to simulate activities from the safety and comfort of home.

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Toy Insider Trend #4 – “Family Game Night

The past few years has been about the party – party games in particular. Now, toy brands are making games decided for intimate groups, small families, and couples. Not only are these games designed for smaller groups, but many are short playing games in terms of game time. So families with young children with reduced attention spans can find ways to engage with the whole family.

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Toy Insider Trend #5 – “In My Feelings

Parents, psychologists, and pediatricians all know that COVID-19 has taken a social and emotional toll on children. Many parents and toy companies are turning to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategy toys to help kids stay calm, relaxed, and in control of their feelings. SEL has always been a staple for families with autistic children, and they will be delighted to see mainstream, direct impact toys in this realm.

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Toy Insider Trend #6 – Going Viral

Even yours indeed created a TikTok channel this year. It just goes to show that kids and parents are connected to social media more than ever before – not only as a tool – but as a source of social engagement and entertainment. This new way of life shows up in toys that reflect viral trends – especially in the TikTok space. Many toys aim to help kids and parents with the tools to meet those TikTok trends.

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Toys will continue to be a driver for household education and entertainment tools in 2021. However, these six picks from The Toy Insider show that toys are fun, but these toy trends will meet many kids’ and parents’ needs this year.

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