Homeschool Advice for Working Parents

Just because kids are home from school does not mean you are off from work. In fact, with many employers’ mandating their employees work from home, and with kids at home for the foreseeable future, parents are struggling with how to get projects done while not neglecting their children!
Here are some tips and products to help you through the worst of times!

Screen Time

Let’s face it. It is a reality. Just make sure that you have parental controls on the devices so they are not surfing YouTube if you don’t want them to.

Snack Time

Why is it when kids are home they are always starving and want to be fed when you are in the middle of a conference call? To negate the nibble request, have a bowl out on the kitchen counter with easy snacks, like water, apples, goldfish already portioned in a snack bag, etc. Put perishables within easy reach in the refrigerator, and leave out cups, napkins, and utensils for ease. It may not get you out of making grilled cheese for lunch, but it will buy you some time.

Play Time

Send the kids off with open-ended play challenges, such as lego build goals and story plots. For example, give kids the goal of reading their favorite book, then doing a lego build to represent part of the story. Alternatively, give kids 10 words and some paper. Encourage them to come up with a story using those 10 words, and draw pictures to support the vision of the story.

Give Them Some New Toys

Boredom is a real ball-buster for kids at home. Having a new toy, if you can swing it, each day to give them is always fun and a motivator to behave. It does not have to be expensive or elaborate. A new game of Uno or a fun travel game that is compact for home is entertaining and engaging. You can see some great educational game ideas here.
If you need some printable calendars to help you navigate your new normal, click here! Or if you need some tips on how to juggle homeschooling and working from home, then you will want to read this post! Finally, consider hopping over to the CharleneChronicles Facebook page where we are sharing tons of helpful homeschooling and parenting resources!

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