Holiday of Play Recap: Hottest Toys for the Holidays

Last week I hosted and got to mingle at The Toy Insider‘s Holiday of Play event in New York City. Over 25 toy brands showcased the hottest toys for the holiday season and The Toy Insider released its top picks in three toy categories: STEM, Tech and Top 20!
As a parent of little Disney Junior fans, my kiddos would have squealed if they had seen the new PJ Masks HQ by Just Play! I squealed when I saw the costume characters! (Hey, I end up watching the show too, so it makes me a fan by default.) Before the event even began, I had to snap a pic for kiddo street cred.

Then as guests were arriving, the team got to play with and learn about the new Kurio watch. There are tons of kid-friendly features. I wish I had more time to play with it during the event as it was very cool and very comfortable to wear!
kurio watch holiday of play
As the event got underway, I roamed around all the tables. As you can see, I was fascinated by this kid-friendly baking set called the Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Set and the Mebo robot by Skyrocket Toys. I had lots of ideas for the claw on the robot, like bringing the kids’ their homework remotely, or a note to tell them to clean up their rooms!
holiday of play
Some general themes I picked up on at the event are the various BFFs you can give your child. Whether is My Blazin’ Dragon {blows steam, not fire FYI} by Hasbro or a talking Pikachu by TOMY, there are lots of dogs, monkeys, dragons, and dolls to entertain and be your kiddo’s new best friend.
holiday of play picachu
The other theme I saw was STEM related products that were (primarily) directed to girls (though can be loved by any gender.) Two to note are the Shopkins Kinstruction sets from Moose Toys and the Cotton Candy Carnival by Roominate.
shopkins kinstruction holiday of play
roominate holiday of play
Another big theme noted is the field of coding. Whether it’s the Coding Caterpillar by Fisher Price designed to introduce your three year old to coding, or a product by Mattel, called Bloxels, to teach your kids the foundation of gaming apps, there are a lot of coding products for a variety of ages. (Stayed tuned for my dedicated post on coding toys!)
bloxels mattel
As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we got to also see The Toy Insider’s top picks so here are some visuals to see what your kids may be begging for this holiday season!
Hot 20 Toys (The Toy Insider)
Hot 20 Toys (The Toy Insider)

Top 12 Tech (The Toy Insider)
Top 12 Tech (The Toy Insider)

STEM 10 (The Toy Insider)
STEM 10 (The Toy Insider)

Do you want to know more about them? Check out my post on the Hot 20, the Top 12 Tech and the Top 10 STEM picks with links and images so you can shop now!
Photo Credits: The Toy Insider

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