Hide and Seek Safari by R&R Games

free product disclosureHidden in the jungle (of your house or backyard), a plastic monkey is hidden in the bushes (or behind a bookshelf) and you must use the Seeker Wand to find him! It is the premise for the Hide & Seek Safari Game by R&R Games.
One person hides the Monkey and the others must use the Seeker Wand (or Wands!) to find it. It can be hidden indoors or outdoors (but be careful not to get it wet since it is battery operated!) The Seeker Wands from any of the Hide & Seek Line can be used on any of the animals so lots of children (or adults!) can play.

The Monkey does not make any sound, but the wand does. The wand has a green light showing it is working. When the first red light illuminates, it gives you a clue that the Monkey is in the vicinity. If it flickers, you are not close, but if it is a steady red, you are within 10-20 feet. The remaining red lights on the wand will flicker and become solid the closer you get to the Monkey. The strongest final is when the seeker is pointed in the exact direction of the Monkey. The seeker will BEEP! when you are within 2-5 feet of the Monkey. When that happens, look around to find it!
You do have to make sure the back of the Monkey is not blocked – otherwise the wand can’t technologically communicate with the Monkey (so no hiding it in the fridge for example!)
The Hide & Seek Safari is rated for kids 4+, but my almost 2 year old loved it too. The Hide and Seek Safari has gotten lots of accolades from the NBC Today Show, NAPPA Honors, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Awards, Dr. Toy Winner, iParenting Media Winner, and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.
You can buy extra wands from RNRGames.com. There is a Monkey version and a Tiger Version of the Hide And Seek Safari you can get from sites like Amazon.com. There is also the Hide and Seek Junior Line with soft, plush animals (rather than the hard plastic) to hide for kids 3+ to find, like a Monkey, Lion, Cat, Cow, Panda, Puppy, and Elephant. It’s same concept as the main Hide & Seek line, but what I like more about it is that the animal makes the respective animal sound when you find it. The original line does not.

To be honest, I still like the simple Hide and Seek games and saying Hot! or Cold! when your child is looking for any hidden object. But the Hide & Seek Safari line is a great gift when you don’t know what to get a child for their birthday or other occasion. I’d go with the plush versions, however, because of the sounds the animal makes, which is more fun. Plus, it can also be a fun cuddle toy, making it a two for one gift!

The entire line retails for about $35 each – though you can save about $10 by buying the (affiliate) Hide And Seek Safari or the Hide And Seek Safari Junior on Amazon!

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