Halloween Themed Toys For Halloween Hunts

Whether you want to avoid crowds, or want something fun for the whole family, consider skipping the act of trick or treating. As an Trick or Treating alternative, have a Halloween Hunt at home. A Halloween Hunt is akin to a Easter Egg Hunt. You search for Halloween themed items around the yard or in the house. You could even do a nighttime Halloween Haunt Hunt with flashlights and glow-in-the-dark sticks.
halloween themed toys

Halloween Hunt Ideas

You could use orange and black Easter eggs to keep it easy. Just fill the eggs with candy and hide them for kids to find them. Give the kids their Halloween basket to collect the Halloween eggs. You can find orange ‘easter grass’ for the basket too.
Have fun with the eggs. Put a puzzle inside and have them collect all the pieces in the eggs that ultimately form a Halloween puzzle. Or make a custom puzzle and write a clue on it. When the child puts together the puzzle, they can find the Halloween prize!
Keep it simple and sweet, and hide full size candy bars. Put a clue on each full size candy bar, and have the clue point to the next hidden ‘sweet’ spot!

Glow in the Dark Halloween Hunt

If you want a glow in the dark hunt, wrap a glow stick around the eggs so kids can find them at night.
Alternatively, just place large candy bars around the house with a glow stick around the candy and kids have to go find the treat.

Halloween Themed Toys

If you would like to mix in some tricks in the form of a toy, there are a few sets that are great. Please note that this website participates in affiliate programs that may generate revenue for the site when a purchase is made through the links below.
halloween themed toys

Lego Hidden Side Sets

There are a few Lego sets that are Halloween themed. The Lego Hidden Side sets are especially fun, because you can use a tablet or phone to activate the augmented reality feature and interact with the set virtually.
halloween themed toys

Playmobil Sets

These Playmobil toys are fun sets for display and play. There is the Take Along Haunted House or the new Scooby Doo Haunted House set that has trap doors and other tricks.
halloween themed toys

Halloween Themed Puzzles

Puzzles are fun with the family and is a great way to spend time together. Plus, they have a lot of educational value too. Have a prize be a Halloween themed puzzle the whole family can do together on Halloween night or any night. Alternatively, get a smaller set and place the pieces in Halloween themed Easter eggs as a fun thing to find on Halloween night.
halloween themed toys

Halloween Themed Books

Halloween themed books are fun and can be a great part of your family’s library for years. Kids can have fun discovering this book as part of a Halloween Hunt, and have a great bedtime story to read on Halloween night. For older kids, get them a mystery themed series!
halloween themed toys

Halloween Themed Bracelets/Hair Accessories

Another fun thing to find are Halloween themed scrunchies and hair clips, or earrings, shoelaces, and more. While it may mean that the full use of them can’t be until the next Halloween, it is still fun things to have and collect. Yet, you can always use just fall/autumn accessories that can be used in November – or maybe plan for Christmas!
halloween themed toys

Halloween Themed Games

There are frightfully fantastic board games that can be a great treat and fun for the family to play on Halloween. Some favorites include the Haunted Mansion Game or the Something Wild! Nightmare Before Christmas by Funko. There is also the Hocus Pocus Game or the Horrified Game from Ravensburger; and fun Harry Potter Themed Games from USAOPOLY.
Whether a trinket or a treat, a Halloween Hunt or just a frightfully good time watching a Halloween movie for kids, there is a lot of boo to be had in October!
halloween hunt ideas

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