Goodee Reward Board: For Picky Eaters and More

The goal of the Goodee Reward board is to easily introduce the concept of colorful foods to your kid meals and reward them for eating a variety of foods. Most kids love magnetic boards, puzzles, and visual games. Thus, the Goodee Board builds on the concept to make food fun.
goodee reward board
There are 6 rows of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and tan with five squares on each row. Each time your child gets one magnet of each color (a rainbow), you can give them a special treat: a lollipop or a special trip to a store.
Or you could see if your child can get a full row of colors, like an entire row of red or orange by the end of the week. When you child gets it, they can do something special or maybe give them a little toy, like a book from the consignment shop or a small matchbox/hot wheels car. If they get all the colors on all the rows, head to the movies or something super extra special.
This product is great for kids of all ages, but it is especially great for picky eaters and children with autism who have trouble trying new things. It is also great for busy Moms if you are harried because it can help keep track of meal planning.
The Goodee Board can be found online at! It retails for around $30 and is high quality wood with magnetic board/tiles.

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