My Favorite Gift For Tweens and Teens

I cannot begin to tell you how many people don’t know what gift to get their tween. It is the age between loving toys and not really playing with them anymore. They are always wanting gift ideas for tweens!
Most parents end up getting gift cards to the mall, fast food places and the Apple Store. Not bad gifts, all in all, but sometimes you want something fun and surprising to gift them. When someone asks me that question, I found that I kept recommending this product over and over. Boy or girl, 10 or 12 years of age, I kept saying that this item is fabulous and fun. It is called Merge Cube by Merge VR.

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What is Merge Cube?

The Merge Cube is the world’s first holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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The cube merges the physical and digital worlds. The physical is the cube you hold. The digital is the augmented reality showcased by the camera and sensors in your mobile device.
What does that mean? Now you can hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts like a real archaeologist, watch as a volcano erupts before your eyes, and play games in ways never possible before!
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How to Use the Merge Cube

Find new kinds of additional experiences at the Merge Miniverse online. Though the cube comes preloaded with some games so you can play immediately after opening!
Use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device to power the Merge Cube, and download additional apps. While not needed, you can also super power your experience with VR/AR Goggles. It puts you in the virtual world of your Merge Cube. It takes the experience to a whole different level.
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Who is the Merge Cube for?

The Merge Cube is for kids 10+ so it is actually geared toward tweens – though, frankly, fun for all ages. The best part is that the MSRP is only $14.99. You can boost with the VR Goggles with MSRP of $59.99. The Goggles can then work with any VR experience. Not just the cube, so you can use it for multiple purposes. So it is either $15 or $75 for an experience like no other. Tweens Parents rejoice.
Pick one up on Amazon and get it by Christmas or the end of Hanukkah! (Want two other suggestions? Check out this post!

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