Fun Toys for the Snow

Looking for toys to play with in the winter, outdoors or toys for the snow? Here are FIVE snow toys for snowy days to consider pulling out after the blizzard!

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Artic Force Snow Trac Ball by Wham-o (MSRP $20, Ages 8+)

All you do with this is scoop snow, mold a snowball and let’er launch! Can also be used in the summer with water balloons or other soft objects!

Sleds by Basic Fun (MSRP $25 and up, Ages 4+)

Sleds and snow are a classic combination. What I like about these is that they come in different base sizes (24, 36 and 48 inches) so you can get the right size sled for your child. Plus, these sleds are SO lightweight. Kids won’t get tired out lugging the sled up the hill. More playtime as a result!

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Sno Stricker by Ideal Toys (MSRP $20, Ages 8+)

Form a snowball, place it in the front, pull the lever and let the snowball fly! Can also use for water balloons, and other soft objects!

Sidewalk Paint Sprayer by Crayola (MSRP $15, Ages 6+)

For more artistic snow endeavors, try this! It works on cement, grass and of course, snow! Use the included stencils to make artistic designs or let the snow be your blank canvas and free form your creations. Swap the paint for water and you can ‘erase’ what you made. You can buy more paint refills too.

Disney Frozen Snowmaker Kit (MSRP $15, Ages 3+)

Lastly, despite his affinity for warm hugs, have fun in the cold snow with this kit containing 12+ pieces to make your very own Olaf. Wash the pieces with soap and water and reuse again and again! Or get a classic snowman kit instead!

Are the kids stuck inside on a snow day? Then check out these toy suggestions for indoor fun!

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