Food Art with Apples: Creative Snacks for Kids

Apples are a typical lunch and snack staple in the fall. Between Apple Crafts, Apple Picking and Apple eating, there are apples everywhere! While it is simple to toss an apple in the kiddos’ lunch box, being creative with apples may be a must to get the kids to keep eating them throughout the fall and beyond! So here are some fun Food Art with Apples for yummy and creative apple snacks!
food art with apples

Apple Art Snacks

There are apple snacks that are works of art. If you are creatively inclined these are fun! Some aren’t lunch box worthy. Save them for lunch or dinner at home! (From Pinterest)
Frozen Inspired Olaf Food Art

Snail Bugs

Silly Apples

Apple Smiles

Creative Apple Snacks

Another really simple way to serve apples is to cut apples into thin slices. Then take a mini-cookie cutter in any shape you want, and cut out the center of the apple. Use the shapes that pop out and put them onto a skewer for a fun way to eat the apple cutouts! Even alternate with grapes!
Also, take the slices with the decorative outline and make peanut or sun butter apple sandwiches with the apples slices as the ‘bread’ and the filling in the middle. Subsitute with honey or cream cheese or hummus! Or add nuts and raisins!

Check out my Lovely Lunches Pinterest Board with other snack ideas for lunch and home! Don’t forget to see my other Apple related posts with apple picking tips, apple crafts and apple activities!

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