Five Snow Day Activities For Kids

When the first major snow storm hits in your home state resulting in closed schools, parents need an action plan. Not an action plan for your home, but for your kids! So here are five snow day activities for kids to do at home to keep them occupied and you happy!
kid snow day activities

Make snow cream.

If life gives you snow, make snow cream. Might as well have fun with the stuff. (If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em.) Here is the post with the recipe on how to make it. Fun activity for the while family.

Have a movie matinee.

Don’t just plop down in front of the TV – try to recreate the real thing. Get the room really dark. Make popcorn, but put it in fun bowls or containers. (I suggest stocking up on these Amazon affiliate popcorn containers!) Let them have soda and a little bit of candy. Create a movie box of sorts! Then pick a movie to watch! Snuggle in and enjoy. Maybe make it a double header!

Make birthday cards.

Instead of just telling the kids to do a craft or color in a coloring book, get a usable product out of it. We all have family members and friends to send cards to throughout the year. Have the kids make a variety of cards with various drawings, stickers, stamps. Whatever creativity they want to impart on paper. Then store the finished products away.
When you need a card in the weeks ahead, pull out one of their snow day creations. Your child can fill in the name and occasion! (Example: Happy Birthday, Mark!) You’ll be ready to go when the next birthday or [insert day here] comes and you also kept them busy on a snow day!

snow day kid activities

Camp indoors.

Set up an indoor tent in your family room, or create one with blankets and sheets. Let the kids sleep in the tent instead of their beds for the night before their snow day! Bonus, the next day it an be a fort, space capsule or anything else their imaginations come up with. Serve hot dogs for dinner, make smores on the stove, and give them flashlights for story telling.

Create a scavenger hunt.

Have fun with this and you might even accomplish some chores while you are at it. Create a mission passport with the number of missions you have lined up. Have the kids have to find ‘notes’ with a mission attached. Maybe the mission is to sort the Lego box in less than 10 minutes. When they complete the first mission, they get a stamp (or sticker) on the mission passport. Then give them a hint where they can find their next mission! (Making their bed.) If they get all their stamps or stickers in their passport, they get a prize. (This is when you should have a stash of toys in a closet that you can surprise them with.)
Not only do you get them to be busy on the snow day, but you may even get stuff done. They then get a toy that will keep them occupied even longer. Parenting win!
What fun things do you do on snow days with your kids? Did you try one of the above suggestions? How did it go?

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