Five Reasons Why Toy Brands Should Pitch To Press

After working with toy brands over the past several years, many don’t know the power of the press. It should be a part of your brand strategy because it establishes authority and credibility for your brand and product. To make sure that you maximize your press potential, think about these five P.R.E.S.S. strategies!

P – Publish Contact Information

Journalists and producers often search for quotes and people to interview. They look at LinkedIn and do old-fashioned Google searches. If they land on your brand page and like what they see, they want to contact you ASAP. Consider having a specific press number (as a separate line with your wireless provider or via Google Voice) and a specific email address like press@{your brand}.com. It ensures you see when they contact you (rather than your overwhelming everyday mailbox. Plus, having a vanity email address and phone number shows that you are press savvy.

R – Respond to HARO inquiries

HARO is a service for journalists. It stands for Help A Reporter Out. Sign up for the service and respond back to requests. It gives you possible link backs and exposure to other lists and SEO searches.

E – Employ Graphic Support

Having a highlight reel of TV appearances or a press page with all the logos from various news sources where you have appeared in print establishes credibility. If you are too busy to do it yourself, hire someone to set up a press kit or page. Also, if you get pitched a lot, save the email addresses and have someone create a press list for you! Then you can use those emails to send out press releases.

S – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first thought brands have is that getting press means an increase in sales. While that may be instinctually true, it is more of a long game – and many brands do not understand that concept. Getting press coverage means SEO! If you have appeared in print or TV in a news source, that means you are even more searchable. Plus, it may mean linkbacks which boosts they authority of your website which means higher Google rankings. Also make sure to put the power of SEO to key blog posts on your site so when members of the media are looking for someone with your talents or company profile/product, they can find you! Write a few posts designed to track press to your page and website. All this over time means that a customer will find you when they search for ‘Best Toys for a Three Year Old’ for example.

S-Send Press Releases

While putting the power of Google to work for you as part of your press strategy is key, you will also need to be bold by being proactive. Write up a press release each month or each quarter and post it on your site. (Remember, SEO!) Then publish the press release on LinkedIn too. Then push your press release to your email lists or use a service such as the Virtual Press Office (VPO) or Cision.

All in all, use these five P.R.E.S.S. strategies to get your brand out there so customers can find you! If you want other ideas for press or to improve your marketing, work with me or sign up for one of my mastermind workshops here!

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