Five Green, Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Toys For Earth Day

If you are looking for great toys that promote sustainability, teach kids about recycling, promote green and earth-friendly play, then these are the toys you should have on hand for Earth Day and Earth Month!

As a Toy Expert for the past 10 years, every April leading up to Earth Day, I get asked about play and toys that help kids understand the concept of being green.

This list of toys makes learning – about the environment and how we can help mother earth – incredibly fun! Plus, it changes kids’ behaviors to hopefully have a long-term beneficial impact on the environment by our families and future generations!

So here are my top five toys from Kid Trax, Elenco, Playmonster, Educational Insights, and Blue Marble. They are listed below with retailer links for easy purchasing! Or you can watch my YouTube video below if you prefer visuals!

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Kid trax recycling truck
Credit: Kid Trax

Recycling Ride-On (Kid Trax)

Kids can learn to recycle while riding this green machine! Not only do they get this super cute ride-on, but some pretend recycling items they can sort! Then they can learn to help adults with their real-life recycling!

Credit: Elenco

Snap Circuits Green Energy (Elenco)

Elenco’s Snap Circuits Green Energy building kit teaches clean energy concepts like wind power, solar energy, electric cars, and other energy-saving concepts. Kids will have hours of fun creating over 125 different circuit projects and learning about alternative energy. It is a great kit for older kids.

Credit: Playmonster

Green Science (Playmonster)

Kids can explore eco-science with these 15+ fun and earth-friendly projects reusing materials! Kids can be an eco-astronaut and launch a recycled rocket, make their own solar oven and bake delicious marshmallows, help the environment with a sustainable culture of plants, and much more! It is a great way for kids to learn how to upcycle!

Credit: Educational Insights

Design and Drill Bolt Buddies Recycling Truck (Educational Insights)

Not only is this toy a cute recycling truck, but the box is part of the play experience. The box becomes a backdrop for play. So the box is not thrown away! It is a great green toy on all fronts – especially since it reduces toy packaging waste! Also, the toy is a great way to introduce early STEM play by introducing tools to design and build.

Credit: Blue Marble

National Geographic Rock and Minerals Game Set (Blue Marble)

National Geographic has a great line of rock and mineral sets that teach kids about earth science and nature. From tumbling rocks and activity sets, kids really can understand earth and mother nature. A new item in their line is their Rock and Mineral Game Set where kids can play with rocks by playing rock bingo, mineral memory, and gem tic-tac-toe! They also get over 150 stones. It is a great kit for kids.

It is never too early – or too late – to teach kids about green living, recycling, and eco-science! I hope some of these toys help you teach your kids about living green! Join my mailing list to get special toy discounts and alerts about other great toys – right to your mailbox!

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