Five Fun Finds for Dog Agility at Home

Whether you want to give your dog a fun thing to do, provide a fun fitness option, or more formal agility training, there are five items you need to have at home. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank! These are easy to find and great price points to get you started. You might already have these laying around at home or in your garage!

Five toys for dog agility by Charlene ChroniclesPet Stairs

Pet stairs are not just for getting your little dog or puppy on the bed or sofa. They can be great for exercise and training. A fun addition is to have a wide wood board (like plywood) placed on the other side. So your dog can run up the stairs and down the board on the other side. I like the plastic ones from Petmate after getting a set complimentary to try out. They are a great height and the think plastic makes it sturdy. Easy to wash after messy outdoor fun.

Play Tunnel

A fun crawl space for kids can be a fun tool for dogs. It helps with sensitivity training, and is just plain fun! Lure them with treats, or place a treat inside to encourage them to come in and go through. Soon they will be racing through like a pro!

Hoola Hoop

Hold it up or prop it up as a fun jumping toy. It is a good alternative to hurdles.

Pool Noodles

Lay them out parallel to each other on the ground with space in between. Encourage your dog to jump over one and then the next. You can even change it up by placing them over a snow stake. Put the snow stake in the ground and then place the snow stake through the hole in the pool noodle to create your own ‘weave poles’.

Balance Disc

Lastly, a balance disc like the one shown above allows you to train your dog to balance. The texture works on sensitizing your puppy and is a great way to build strength and muscle in your dog.

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