The Essentials You Need for a New Puppy

You are now a puppy-to-be parent or you just became a puppy parent and need supplies fast! It is all about the essentials and the must haves you need for a new puppy. The extras can wait. This is all about the list for puppy survival!
must haves for a new puppy

  1. Crate
  2. Collar and Leash
  3. Food
  4. Bowls
  5. Treats
  6. Pee Pads
  7. Cleaning Spray
  8. Toys
  9. Pet Insurance
  • You need a crate for your new puppy. Why a crate and not a bed? You will need to keep your puppy convined in those puppy months. It helps with potty training and them not getting into trouble while you are sleeping, out of the house or doing other household tasks. You can go with a wire crate or plastic crate. Check out the kennel options on so you can see the features and determine what is right for your home, lifestyle, puppy breed and more. They also have a feature to help to determine the right size on each kennel product page.
  • A collar and leash are the next must haves in order to make sure you can keep control of your puppy outdoors so they don’t run away. You will also need a leash for puppy training classes.
  • Food and bowls are must haves to give your puppy the food and water it needs to grow. I like the water dispensers from Petmate so you know your puppy has water all day in their crate. Alternatively their automatic feeders and water fountains are good options too.
  • Pee Pads will help with potty training and the cleaning spray will help when you puppy misses the pee pad (or forgets it even exists.) Amazon Basics has affordable ones.
  • I also believe in Pet Insurance or Pet Wellness Plans. Puppies need vaccinations and the cost for those can add up. You may find that signing up for a wellness plan helps with monthly expenses and keep costs down the first year. Having Pet Insurance may also provide a piece of mind as puppies are known to get into everything (and not everything is good to get into!)
  • Lastly, toys and treats. You may think that these are not essentials, but they are. Keeping puppies entertained can prevent boredom. We all know what happens to puppies when the get bored! They get into mischief! Check out my favorite dog toys in this post. Alternatively, the treats are for potty training rewards to help get the potty training down pat as soon as possible.

These are my must have things for a new puppy. You can see the brands I recommend in my Amazon New Puppy Affiliate List. Then, once you’ve got the essentials, it’s time to get the extras! Check out my post here on what else you may want to get or stock up on for your new canine companion!

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