You’re Centsational: An Easy Valentine’s Day Penny Card for Kids

valentines day card with money

I love Valentine’s Day crafts. I’m not sure if it because of red and pink colors, or because of the cleverness that can be made of them. Either way, I especially love Valentine’s Day card crafts.

You’re “Cent”sational.

This year, I decided to test out my own craft skills. I’ve had an idea for a while, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for on Pinterest. The idea involved a card and money. The result would be a simple, inexpensive, and fun card for school Valentine’s swaps. The card would have a single coin on it with the phrase “You’re Cent-sational” as a play on “You’re Sensational”.

Easy and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Card for Kids

What you need:

  • Heavy Cardstock Paper. (I recommend this [affiliate] Amazon product.)
  • Glue Dots (These on [affiliate] Amazon are great.)
  • A color printer (My favorite is the HP Envy).
  • Pennies or Nickels!

What to do:

Print out You’re Centsational Valentine! on your color printer. (FYI, I am not a graphic designer or craft expert so know that these are not perfect. However, they are not bad either!)

First, print the front image on the heavy cardstock.

Then reinsert into it your printer and print the other side using the other image here.

Since all printers are different, you may want to try it out on average printer paper to it figure out.

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Once you have printed it out. Cut off all the white bits on the edges and cut into four postcard sized cards.

Have your kids sign the cards and/or write a little message. Then, place a glue dot in the square on the backside. Press a penny or nickel on the glue dot to hold the money in place. Then you are done!

Cost of the Cards:

If you have 20 kids and give out 20 cards with nickels on them, it only costs you $1 – plus the cost of the paper, ink and glue dots. Alternatively, use pennies and it is only 20 cents! See? Simple and costs you just pennies to make! LOL!

Have fun with it!

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