Easy, Quick, Cheap Classroom Valentines Day Card Idea

easy class Valentines day card

Here is an idea for a quick, cheap, and easy class Valentine’s Day card using crayons! Keep reading to learn how to pull off last minute class cards!

If you are anything like me, you get a heads up from the classroom teacher just a few days in advance that kids should bring in Valentine’s Day cards or Friendship cards!

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I personally dislike, immensely, those flimsy box cards that invoke the 1980s vibe from my youth – but they are fast and easy. However, there is another easy class Valentines day card idea that is also quick and cheap!

The first thing you need to do is bulk buy crayons. I highly suggest Amazon because you typically get delivery in two days. Especially helpful if you are short on time. Alternatively, try a dollar store, Oriental Trading, or the like.

Step One: Buy Crayons

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Highest Price: If you want to spend a little more, then I recommend these Crayola brand crayons. It ends up being around $1.25 per child for a total of 24 boxes. More money but you get the Crayola quality and a whopping 24 crayons per box. (Click the image for the shopping link.)

Mid-Range Price: This Amazon option below gives you 48 boxes with 8 crayons inside. It averages out to be approximately 50 cents per box/classmate. There should be enough for two kids with 24 kids in each class. (Click the image for the shopping link.)

Low Range Price: For some additional savings, you can get 48 boxes of crayons that only have six crayons per box. It averages 35 cents per box, but there is a longer shipping time. So if you have the time to spare, this may be the way to go. (Click the image for the shopping link.)

Cheapest Price: If you have a couple of kids and want to do the same for all their classmates – and want the least expensive option of them all – then try out these. They are like the restaurant crayons. There are 4 crayons per box and you get 50 boxes (with options for 150 or 500!) It ends up being about 25 cents per box for the 50 box count. (Click the image for the shopping link.)

Step Two: You’re The ‘Write’ Friend For Me Printable

Once you order the crayons, then get some printing paper and print out one of the printables for an easy class Valentine’s day card! I made a standard size that fits most of these crayon boxes. Just subscribe in the box below.

Then in the email I send you, download the file you want, and then print. I also made a version for teachers! I also kept the design pretty generic, so in theory, you could use this any time of the year!

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Step Three: Put Together

Cut out the printable to fit your crayon boxes. Then use double-sided tape or glue dots. I recommend these:

Place the double sided tape or glue dots on the crayon box, then put your cut out on top. Then have your child or children sign! Voila! All done!

Cutting everything out first, then putting the adhesive on all the boxes, and then putting the cut out on the box is the fastest way to go. Sort of like an assembly line. Have your kids help if they are older. All in all, it took us 20 minutes to do 48 of them so these are definitely fast.

Kids love them – and so do parents!

crayon card classroom

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