Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter Basket stuffer ideas that aren’t candy!

The Easter Bunny these days is at a loss! With the rising rates of food allergies and nutritional concerns, the Easter Bunny is often discouraged from filling baskets with candy. So these are great alternatives. They are some of the newest products on the market and perfect sizes for stuffing in Baskets!

easter basket stuffer ideas

Check out the My Crayola Palm Grasp Crayons. They are perfect for baskets because their egg shape. Plus, they are washable so you won’t stain fabric, furniture or Easter bunny fur!

Speaking of Easter Bunny fur, another great addition is the Alex Toy Craft Color and Cuddle Bunny. Color it today, wash it tonight and color it something different tomorrow. It is not your standard stuffed bunny in a basket addition but something creative for kids.

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Speaking of cute littly fluffy animals, adding Schleich figures to a basket is a nice spring addition. Their unicorns or farm animals, like chickens, sheep and ducks, are a nice Easter surprise and perfect for spring. They look so cute amongst the basket grass!

These next stuffers are cute. They are Silly Squeaks by Blip Toys. There are 8 to collect and each has 5 songs and 16 sounds. Press the face for sounds and the back for songs. There are two modes. One lets you play to the beat of the music and the other lets you create your own song. If you get all 8, it is like an octave on a piano.

So we have music and art, so let’s add some science! These are the Impulse Science Ooze Labs by Thames and Kosmos. The are simple science experiments in a chunky plastic test tube. You can make Magic Sand or Glow-in-the-dark slime.

So while we might shy away from real candy it doesn’t mean we can’t have faux sweets. This is CakePop Cuties. Inside there is a squishy, accessory and mini-poster. Just a fun presentation.

While these look like large gumballs, they are actually Smashers by Zuru. You smash your smasher to reveal a surprise sports character inside. Plus, instead of an Easter Egg Hunt, maybe do a scavenge for Smashers!

Lastly, small games are great fillers. The also serve as entertainment at or on the way to Grandma’s house for Easter dinner. A new one is Dos by Mattel. It is a twist on the classic Uno. Instead of playing one *Uno* card, you play with two (Dos) cards!

Another is Pictureka by Winning Moves. I like this one because there are four games in one. Match the picture to the letter before your opponent, or find something that matches the phrase “Something from the sea” There are 2 others games you can play too.

From art and music, to science and sweets, these will please anyone on Easter morning! Shop around for the best prices. Plus, some of the products are multi-packs. So open them and use them to fill more than one basket to make your dollar go further.
Happy Easter!

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