The Best DIY Kid Valentines Day Cards You Can Make

Are you looking for creative DIY Valentine’s Day cards that the kids can hand out at school? I have to admit, I do scour Pinterest at this time of year because I feel like this is the one holiday that I might be able to be creative without catastrophe!

Our school does not allow candy or food to be a part of any Valentine’s handouts, and I’m not a fan of the boxed cards. So, I love the fun ways you can spread the love with little trinkets attached to Valentine’s themed sayings that are fun and unique.

I’ve pulled together a collection of my favorites – ones that don’t involve food, are pretty easy for DIY novices, don’t require lots of time or cash either! Most you can find at, or at each of the respective websites listed below, with printables! Or find inspiration to do it yourself!

Here’s my list of 10 favorites:

1. I Like the Way You Roll

creative diy valentines day cards for kids yoyo
Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

This is really simple. You just have to buy some Yo Yos in bulk on (affiliate) or any party supply store. Then print out your saying on sticky paper, cut to the size of the Yo Yo, stick on the side and done! On the other side of the Yo Yo, print out your child’s name or just stick on a blank circle and have them write their own name on the paper. Bonus points if you can use special craft scissors for the creative edges!

2. Will Zoo Be My Valentine?

creative diy valentines day kids zoo
Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

This is a creative take on a card and can be inexpensive. This picture above is the version from Or you can get a simple brown piece of note paper and using your printer, print “Will “Zoo” be my Valentine on the left side of the paper. Then punch two holes (about an inch apart) on the right side of the paper. Loop through some string and tie a small animal toy to the paper. You can see what I mean here. Either way, you can get 36 of the little animals for around $9 at Party City, and kids will love to play with their special friend!

3. You’re the Real Deal

creative diy valentines kid cards
Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

You can buy decks of playing cards in bulk on (affiliate) Then be creative with a paper ribbon and heavy card stock. Tape or glue the ends of the paper ribbon around the deck and then glue a piece of heavy card stock on top with a pre-printed message  – or let your kids write the saying themselves. Alternatively, print your Valentine message on a piece of sticky paper, cut to size and stick on the playing deck directly.

4. You’re Write for Me

creative diy valentines kids crayons
Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

You can find little note pads and crayons in the goody bag section of a party store. Or if you want to be more simple, just tie a gift tag to a pen, a grouping of pencils or just a box of crayons and leave out the notepad.

5. Have a Ball

creative valentines day cards kids ball
Credit: FamilyFun Magazine

If you can find little Valentine’s Day bags, then scoop them up. Or just find heart ziploc bags in the grocery store or just plain cellophane bags at the craft store. If you or the kids have the time, you can use foam stickers to decorate the cellophane bags for an extra touch. Otherwise, leave out the jacks and tuck in a simple rubber ball of any size of your choosing with your saying, like “Have a Ball this Valentine’s Day!”

6. You Light Up My Life


This is a personal favorite. Again, you can get (affiliate) glow sticks in bulk for pennies. Just get some card stock of equal size. Print your saying on one side. Glue the edges of the two cards together and slip in the glow stick in the middle. Or do what is shown in the image above with well-placed punch outs! Super fun! Another saying you can use is “You Light Up My Life”!

7. Our Class Would Knot Be The Same


This is a clever idea from Dandee Designs. Again, bonus for the pretty result. Otherwise, get pre-made circle paper cutouts at the craft store and write in the saying or print out on your computer. You can buy friendship bracelets in bulk (affiliate) online at This is also great for end of the year school goodbyes!

8. You Make My Heart Pop


Grab some bubbles at any store: craft, party or places like Target or Walmart. Whatever size you go with, follow the clever printable from Or get creative a design your own and print out on stick paper, wrap around the bottle and presto! Fun Valentine’s Day treat! An alternative saying is “You make my heart burst with joy!”

9. Doh You Want to Be My Valentine?

Credit: Random Thoughts of a SuperMom

Perfect choice for the little cupids, Random Thoughts of a Supermom’s Play-Doh valentine is a fabulous one to hand out at school! Her free printable sticker makes it easy to make too! Or do it yourself with and print (affiliate) sticky paper!

10. You Make My Heart Race

Credit: PaperandPip

My son’s personal favorite. You can find this on Paper and Pip’s Etsy store, or give it DIY go yourself. If you are not graphically inclined, write the saying out, use stickers and place a toy car in a plastic cellophane bag or ziplock bag! You can get the cars at a party store, or often you can find a big box of them at the (affiliate) warehouse stores!


One final idea: Do all the projects above and place in a bag or in a basket, and give a whole bunch of these to each of your kids, family and friends. Another creative take on many of the projects above, is to use pictures of your kids holding a sign with the appropriate saying on them. Print out using HP Social Media Snapshots Sticky Paper for a super personal Valentine’s Day touch!


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