DIY of the Week: Pet Picture Blanket

It can be hard when a pet passes on. However, what I didn’t realize is how hard it can be on other pets that are still living.
When my oldest dog passed recently, my other dog was clearly depressed. They had snuggled and slept together all the time and when the older dog didn’t come home, it was hard on my other pet. My kids came up with the idea of making a blanket that had a picture of our beloved dog on it. Then the younger dog could still snuggle with her in spirit. I liked the idea, and it also helped our family with our grief as well.
So I purchased some printable fabric on (affiliate) Amazon.

You could also use (affiliate) Iron-on paper or Transfer paper, but we wanted fabric.
Then I used to make a photo (you could do a collage) to fit width of the fabric, and then the length of knew I wanted so it would fit the pet bed we have at home.
Then I printed it out on the fabric.

One way you could make the pet picture blanket (or even pet picture pillow) is actually using just the photo fabric to make the blanket or pillow itself. Then sew the edges and stuff with batting with batting. However, I just cut the size I needed (8×11) and decided to sew it onto an existing blanket.
pet picture blanket

Now, our dog sleeps with her bestie in spirit and we have something to remember our previous pet too. However, if you would like some ready made pet mementos, check out my post here. I also shared some tips on how to help a child cope with the passing of a pet on this guest post.
I hope this helps you remember your pet and the love you had together.

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