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After having to cancel three other #DisneySide Parties over the last month due to record breaking snow here in Boston MA, I thought the only way I could have a DisneySide party was to have it AT Disney where the likelihood of snow would be next to zero probability…unless you go to Blizzard Beach…but it is currently under refurbishment so, we’d be in the clear.
{Unlike here.}
I scheduled, or should I say, rescheduled, the party for the fourth time and guess what – another storm. But I still held it anyway, even mid-week, because I really wanted a party!!! And I knew everyone needed something to do other than shovel or break ice dams. However, only half the people came due to the bad weather, but at least we finally had our party.

Disney Themed Party

In retrospect, I should have had a Frozen themed Disney Party. It would have been really appropriate, but we already had one of those for Super G’s 2nd birthday so we went with a general Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme to appease to a variety of ages. I know some of the older adults aren’t familiar with some of the new Disney Characters so we kept with the basics that everyone knows and loves.


For food, we had hot dogs. One of those party foods (other than pizza) that kids like, so it is pretty fail-proof, and quick and simple to make.
disney theme party ideas food charlene chronicles 4
For sides, I just had some miscellaneous things that, again, appeal to most kids:
disney theme party ideas food charlene chronicles 2
Disney Theme Party ideas for food
disney theme party ideas food charlene chronicles
It was a pretty un-culinary, but, with mostly two year olds, what can you do. (Makes our parenting lives a lot easier when they don’t complain about the food!) Plus, everything could be bite-sized for little eaters.
For dessert, we had Minnie Mouse cupcakes. Super simple to make. Just make vanilla (or chocolate) cupcakes with pink frosting, then take some plain chocolate cookies and tuck then into the sides for the ears!
Disney theme party ideas for food charlene chronicles


The kids weren’t really interested in games since they are on the young side, and really just wanted to play with toys we had in the house. But since most of our toys are Disney related, it worked with our theme. LOL.
I’ve attached the various games that Disney provided if you want to download some printables for your party since they are Minnie-awesome, like a Crossword puzzle and mix-match, or even Disney Bingo (my favorite since it really shows all of the fun places Disney has to offer). Yet, the kiddos did have fun playing ‘Pin the Mouth on Mickey’ (despite the fact they were not very good at it. LOL.)

Decor and Activities

For decor, we kept it simple with Disney themed plates, cups and napkins, though we had a cute way to hold the cutlery.

Then I just stapled some small plates onto a big plate for a fast and fun way to eat the food! You could do this on a regular ol’ Wednesday night or as a fun way to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney. Otherwise, it is a fun way to celebrate a party.
disney theme party ideas food charlene chronicles 3
I didn’t decorate too much (I lost my mojo after the third cancellation) so we kept the decorations to the crafts I had the kids do. I gave them popsicle sticks that we glued together to make a picture frame. We also glued some ribbon so the frame could be hung. Then the kids used stickers to create a Disney themed frame. Once they finished their frame, they drew their favorite Disney thing – a princess, a place at Disney, etc. on a piece of paper and we glued it to the back. It was a fun activity and a take away from the party. Plus, the next time they go to Disney, they can put a photo from their trip on the frame! You can get the ‘how-to’ here.


The kids had fun and the adults chatted about our favorite Disney memories and when we are going back to the most magical place on earth. For me, it’s sooner than you can imagine, and others are planning Disney trips for later this year, (with even more convinced to join us!)
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And I hope you can bring a little Disney magic to your house soon!

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