The Best Disney+ Shows That Benefit Kids’ Remote Learning

Disney+ educational shows

With the coronvirus pandemic continuing, remote learning is the norm for many children across the country. While toys can provide a therapeutic and educational experience, Disney+ can do so with remote learning benefits too. Here are the shows that kids can watch, and learn from on Disney+.

While it is still ‘screen’ time, these Disney+ shows do offer an alternative learning opportunity. Disney always does a great job of entertaining and keeping kids engaged, while being educational at the same time. Here are my three favorite Disney+ series that offer great Disney delights and excellent education development.

One Day at Disney

This series is mini documentaries that highlight inspiring personal stories of various Disney cast members. From animated artists to performing artists, kids can see the magic – but the work – it takes to bring the magic to Disney. It will teach kids about perseverance, dedication, responsibility and excellence for which Disney is known. Most episodes are about 3-4 minutes. As of the date of this post, there are 51 episodes.

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This series takes viewers behind the scenes at Animal Kingdom and The Seas at Epcot. Kids can learn about endangered species and what Disney is doing for conservation. They can also learn more about the medical care these animals receive everyday. Kids can learn about monkeys and manatees, and more. The episodes are narrated by Josh Gad (Olaf). After watching an episode (or more), kids may be inspired to be future conservationist, wildlife supporter, animal specialist or veterinarian. Each episode is about 35 minutes in length. As of the date of this post, there are 8 episodes.

The Imagineering Story

This series shows you what it is like to be a Disney Imagineer. From back stories – to what it takes to be a Disney Imagineer – this series gives families a glimpse into the work of Disney. Yet, it inspires kids to create, design and build – and pursue their dreams; perhaps becoming the Disney Imagineers of tomorrow. Each episode is about one hour long, and as of the date of this post – there are six episodes.

Disney+ is a great gift for the holidays and provides education to kids at a critical time in the world. Plus, it is brings a little magic and happiness that we could all use now!

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