Diaper Bag that Looks Like a Handbag

A diaper bag that looks like a handbag or a purse seems allusive. As a second-time Mom, I know how fleeting diaper bags can be. You really need them the first year and after the first year, the need dissipates. You don’t need as much stuff and that huge bag doesn’t fit the new toddler lifestyle you’ve transtioned to. Then you are running around – either with a bulky diaper bag when just need a handbag, or a handbag that doesn’t meet your Mom lifestyle.
So two things occur: (1) you start having tons of diaper bags in your closet to fit these various stages or (2) you get one bag, at the beginning, that does it all and then looks fabulous once the kids start going to school. Needless to say, I prefer the latter. Skip the traditional diaper bags and get a bag that fits your real Mom life and style. Check out the Baby Cargo Georgi Diaper Bag.

Doesn’t look like your standard diaper bag, right? But the flexibility to jam it full of stuff? It is there.


The need for pockets for bottles, diapers, sippy cups, blankets, toys, and pacifiers? You got it.


  • 2-side bottle pockets
    • 7 interior pockets (1 lipstick, 1 wallet, 1 phone, 1 sunglass, 2 diaper pockets and 1 changing pad pocket)
    • 5 exterior pockets (2 side bottle pockets, 1 zippered center front pocket, 2 front pockets)

    Ability to attach it to a stroller? Of course.


  • Universal Handle Hooks
    • Brass grommet rings for umbrella strollers
    • Attachment snaps for strollers with one handle

    And it doesn’t matter what kind of stroller handles you have.

    Crossbody or over the shoulder? Absolutely.

    If you are a working Mom, this is one of those bags that you can use to pick the kids up from daycare and run errands, but it can hold your laptop/lunch and looks professional on the way to a board meeting. Just shorten the strap and wear it over your shoulder vs. the longer strap/crossbody look.

    It also rocks as a workout bag. Plenty of places for water bottles, headphones, and sweaty gear in lieu of, or in addition to, diapers and wipes if the kids are tagging along to the gym.

    In my opinion, it looks like a designer bag – not a diaper bag – but while using it as a diaper bag, it is super easy to clean the spilled juice or milk, the dirt from the playground, or the jelly from sticky little fingers. And if you need to use the bag for supplies while you are sick. No worries, you can chase the germies away. The fabric is easily wipeable.

    Currently, the Georgi Bag comes in four colors: black, tan, blue and red, and retails for $60. Yes, just $60 for years of use with amazing versatility, functionality and style. There are a lot of baby big ticket items that we use for a short period of time. This is not one of them. This, my friends, is part of the diaper bag nirvana we have been searching for.

    Image Credit: My own. All Rights Reserved.
    Disclosure: I received a diaper bag for my review. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts, opinions and content are my own.

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