Charlene DeLoach’s Review of The Happy’s Pets!

You want to be happy, don’t you? Well, these puppies will definitely put a smile on your face.
There is a huge trend in ‘robotic’ type toys that really interact with children. The old ‘remote controlled’ toys are so 2010! Now, these new fashion of remote controlled robotics toys almost have a life of their own. Being able to interact with them gives much more play value making any toy in this class a must have for holidays 2014.
the happys petsThe The Happy’s Pets are no exception. I was first introduced to the Happy’s back in February. The company behind them were also the same behind the popular Zhu Zhu pets from a couple of year ago. But these Happys are a large leap forward.
The Happy’s Pets are controlled by the dog bone controller, though I use the term ‘controlled’ a bit tongue in cheek. It is the way to communicate to it. Move it to the left and the puppy will follow, move it to the right and it will go that way. Walk forward and it will follow. Kids will think it is magic, but basically the puppy is following the infrared-like signal.
Where it gets more fun is that you can buy toys to play with your puppy. Like a ball or a bone, and your child can ‘play’ with their puppy. Which is what I love about the Happy’s – that dual play; the interaction with the toy and not just intercepting the toy. Plus, the Happy’s pets will interact with each other if you get more than one. So it is fun for children in a family to also play with their puppies together.
You can find the Happy’s at Toys R Us, Amazon and other retailers. The price is around $20-25 and the accessories are extra at around $10-15. There are three dogs, each with a special trick, and a cat.
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