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free product disclosureI love Cabbage Patch Kids. I have such fond memories from my childhood playing with these dolls. Hours and hours with friends creating stories and play patterns with my Cabbage Patch kids. I didn’t know about American Girl or other doll lines back in the 80s. These were my favorite dolls that I grew up with.
There have been various iterations of Cabbage Patch dolls since their popularity in the 80s and I haven’t been much of a fan since then. Yet, the new Cabbage Patch Kids that have been released this year from the new company Wicked Cool Toys reminds me more of the 1980s versions with more fashion like the originals.
There are two Cabbage Patch Kids lines that I love this year. First is the Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Rainforest Friends.
cabbage patch rainforest friends
I think they are so adorable. The bodies are squishy and I think they are a perfect doll for a toddler. I just gave one as a birthday party gift for a girl’s third birthday, and they are adorable as a stocking stuffer!
cabbage patch kids rainforest friends
Then my other favorite Cabbage Patch Kids are the Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals. The animals (dogs and cats) and the Cabbage Patch Dolls. You don’t have to buy them together! But obviously, it is more fun if you do.
The animals are cute, like this dog. You adopt a pet!
cabbage patch kids adoptimals
It comes with adoption papers, which has great learning potential about animals, rescuing them and taking care of them. The pet comes with a watering bowl and a brush so kids can have some great role playing. And the adoptimals wear a tag, which is cute in an of itself. You press the button on the tag and the dog barks or the cat purrs. So there is functionality even without the ‘key’. However, if you get a Cabbage Patch Kids, Kids Doll, it comes with a key and it can be used to unlock more lights and sounds from the Adoptimals. The key works with any Adoptimals’ heart tags so you can get more than one Adoptimals and the Cabbage Patch Doll works with all of them. So your Cabbage Patch Kid can have both a dog and a cat or two cats or two dogs! You can mimic the animals you have at home.
As an aside, I love how the Cabbage Patch Kids know have more fashions making them relevant to todays modern little girl. And of course, girls can play with the hair and have different hairstyles. The one in the photo below is the Preppy Girl, but there is Rocker Girl, Adventure Girl, Glitz Girl, Glam Girl, Vintage Girl and Adventure Boy.
adoptimals cabbage patch kids 14 inch dolls
I just wish the Cabbage Patch line would create more clothes so you can buy more outfits like coats and gloves, pajamas, etc. But at least you can find options on Etsy. Just look for fashions for 14 inch dolls, which is the size of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. If you did that, I think this is a great doll for girls in between the itty bitty baby (loved by three year olds) and 18 inch dolls (7 year olds and up) stages.
Lastly, also consider the Drink and Wet Cabbage Patch Kids Newborn Doll. They are like the Premies from the 80s, but with more play potential. They can drink water and have a wet diaper a little girl can change. They also have a little tuft of hair for a bow and adoptions papers! The only negative is that it only comes with one diaper. So if the doll wets, there is no extra diaper. I am not sure what clothing potential there is. I know little girls love to be little Mommies and they cannot have that full play without the ability to dress the baby. Hopefully more accessories come out in 2016.
So that is my review! If you have any questions about any of these Cabbage Patch Kids dolls or adoptimals, leave a comment below and I will answer! And see my video review on YouTube!

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