New Find: The Brush Hero

Let’s face it…when we find a product that can make chores get done faster and easier, we do a happy dance. So get your tap shoes on, because I found one for you, thanks to a complimentary product submission, that will be perfect this spring.
It is called the Brush Hero. The MSRP is $39.99, but you can find it on (affiliate) Amazon.

brush hero review

Brush Hero Review

What it is:

It is a completely water-powered (no batteries or electricity!) attachment that you screw on to any standard garden hose. Turn on the hose, flip the toggle switch, and you’re ready to go!

The Brush Hero comes with two interchangeable brush heads – a soft black brush for sensitive surfaces and a tough white brush for serious muck. There are also two other specialty brushes – sold separately – called the Grimefighter (extra stiff to tackle super nasty messes) and the Navigator (tapered to cleaning tricky, tough-to-reach messes).

What it does:

It helps you clean everything from cars, bikes, garden tools, patio furniture, BBQs, toys, RVs, boats, pets etc. Anything that you would typically need a sponge, bucket, water and soap, you would use this instead of the sponge and bucket.
brush hero review
It is a nice in between step between a sponge and power washers. It fills the void between the two. Let alone being, perhaps, more efficient than a sponge and more gentle than a power washer. For example, we have patio furniture that never seems to get clean with sponge and soap. (Even when we use specialty soap.) Yet, the manufacturer instructions advise against power washing. Thus, the Brush Hero is a great solution.

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Why it rocks:

It doesn’t spin fast, so it doesn’t splatter you with water and dirt. It uses steady torque from the hose’s water pressure, and your own hand pressure, to provide maximum scrub (without the need for maximum spin). Which makes it great for cleaning pets or delicate paint jobs.
In lieu of four items (sponge, bucket, soap, water) you need to clean your patio furniture, for example, you have the Brush Hero and soap. It makes getting the chore done that much faster (and less messy).
There is an extension wand you can get too. For those with bad backs or knees, you don’t have to bend over or squat as often (or as deep) as you would with a sponge and bucket. Just stand and scrub instead.
The Brush Hero also helps clean areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to clean (or clean as well) if you were using your own arm and sponge. This can get into tighter areas, smaller areas and deeper areas than using our own body parts!
You don’t have to scrub as hard as you would with a sponge. I cannot begin to tell you all the times my arm was aching after having to scrub away at patio furniture to get rid of the winter dirt. Only to be tired, sore and still not really satisfied with result of my cleaning attempt. The Brush Hero does the scrubbing and a better job than manual attempts! As a result, you may even find you don’t have to use as harsh soaps and speciality soaps (concerning for the environment and your skin) as the Brush Hero scrub tackles the job naturally.

Things to consider

The negatives is that the product uses a lot of water. In order for it to work, it needs water (and its pressure) to spin. So environmental concerns are apparent. Also, it only works as good as the water pressure at your home. If you have well water or naturally low water pressure from your outdoor house, then you won’t get maximum benefit.

Worth it?

The Brush Hero has a 30 day return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, at the price point, it is worth a try to see if it works for your family. I also think it makes for a great gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gift, or a gift for someone who loves working and playing outdoors. Their outdoor gear gets dirty so help them take care of it in an easy way!

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