Bright Starts Buggy (Having a Ball Count and Roll Buggie)

Bright Starts Buggy ToyI received this adorable little pink lady bug (officially called the Having a Ball™ Count and Roll Buggie from Bright Starts by KidsII) to review recently. When it arrived on my doorstep, it was like Christmas. We call it the second child syndrome! Our 3.5 year old son has ‘passed down’ his toys to his sister and they are pretty beat up and gender neutral. They still work and are well loved, but I have to say, I get a bit giddy when there is something girly and new for her that is her solely her own. Well, kind of. My son saw it when he got home from preschool and started playing with it too.
The product is geared towards kids 6-36 months so there is a great age range with this product, which is why both my son and daughter are drawn towards it. (We are having a crash course in sharing lessons right now!) What I like about it from a play factor, is that it does have such longevity and multi-functional use. For my 8 month old, it encourages her to be active and crawl after the Buggie. It also aids in her gross motor skills as she tries to put the balls in the opening at the top. For my older son, it is an opportunity to focus on colors and numbers. I’ll ask him to put the blue ball or the pink ball in the Buggie, and see if he gets it right. Alternatively, I’ll ask him to count the balls as he drops them in the top. Overall, it is just really cute and fun.
The Buggie seems pretty sturdy for less than $20 for a toy. My daughter and son are pretty rough with it, and it has held up just fine thus far, so it seems as if it will make it for the full age range of the product. If we had bought it ourselves, it would have been worth the value for sure! You can find it at BuyBuyBaby or Target.
But here is the video if you want to see it in action and how my kids play with it. (One minute in length.)

As you can see from the video, it turns out that everyone in the house, including the dog, loves this. While I didn’t get a video shot, I swear that I even heard my husband chuckling one night when he was ‘putting the toys away’ (aka, playing with it.)
I also want to share that we are fans of the Bright Start line, especially this Around We Go Activity Center, as we call it. We got ours from a consignment shop, but if you are looking for an activity center that also encourage walking, leg strength, fine and gross motor skills, I can’t rave enough about it.
Happy playing!

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