A Great Portable Booster Seat for Travel

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the song really should be ‘Tis the season to be traveling. Whether you are constantly in the car getting gifts or to grandmother’s house you go, November and December are all about the back and front seat. (Let alone the other 10 months of the year.) Thus, it is why I want to share with you my fandom and review of BubbleBum Booster Seats.

Traveling with Car Seats

What I find now, as a parent, is that traveling takes on a whole other meaning. Mainly, the impact of car seats on traveling plans. I remember as a kid, our whole family would pile into the Ford station wagon to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. There were 7 of us in that wagon and I know for a fact that none of us kids had car seats. (Let alone cross body seat belts!) If we wanted to do something similar today, we would have to figure out who had what car seat and how many could fit.
Nothing was more obvious of the car seat impact when I went on a family vacation a couple months ago. We were at Disney and, at one point, half the group wanted to go back to the hotel. However, our family wanted to stay. Yet, we would lose our ride…with the car seats. Good news is that we were able to split up because the grandparents, who wanted to stay at the most magical place on earth too (smart people), had extra BubbleBum booster seats in their car. So we could go back with them to the hotel at a later time. Otherwise, we would have had to leave since our booster seats would be leaving too.

Bubble Bum Booster Seats

We were able to hit up more Disney attractions and shows because, a year before, I gifted my parents with a set of Bubble Bum booster seats. I bought them a set because I had bought my set for a previous trip and loved them since. (I even know the exact date I originally bought them – October 12, 2015 – thanks to affiliate Amazon keeping track of my purchases!) The gift paid off since they had them on the trip too!

BubbleBum Booster Seats are initially deflated and can even be rolled up and stored in the included pouch. When you want to use it, located the built-in tube to inflate it. (Takes about 20 seconds to inflate.) Place it in the car and use the positioning clip to keep it in place. There is even a clip to position the seat belt if needed. When done, deflate and store. It is great for travel as a result. Place it in your suitcase or backpack, and you are good to go!

BubbleBum Safety and Portability

The BubbleBum weighs less than one pound and is only 13 inches wide. So you can get three in the back seat. Yet, most importantly, the portability does not negate the safety. The BubbleBum is rated ‘Best Bet’ Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for 6 years in a row, along with a long list of other awards.

Image Credit: BubbleBum.com (Used with permission for sponsored post purposes.)

BubbleBum to the Rescue

Our family’s grandparents keep two BubbleBum Booster seats in their car at all times. There have been occasions when I needed help getting one of my kiddos from school. Rather than try to connect with them to swap the permanent car seat we have into their car or switch cars (and the logistics of connecting to do all that), they can help me out at the last minute and we don’t have to worry about the car seats. They just quickly inflate and pick up a kiddo.

Image Credit: BubbleBum.com (Used with permission for sponsored post purposes.)

BubbleBum on the Plane

Now, when we travel, we bring them with us and put in our travel suitcase. When we arrive at our destination, we do not have to worry about renting car seats or installing them. We just inflate and get to our vacation without delay! We also use them for cab rides in the city, or bus trips to the airport when we want a bit extra safety than them just sitting in the seat.

BubbleBum Everyday

BubbleBum should only be used if your kids are ready, or currently using, a booster. (Ages 4+ and 40 pounds minimum is the standard pediatric recommendation.) It is not a replacement for a regular car seat, but it is a great alternative than lugging a standard booster around with you – on the plane, in a suitcase, etc. I personally would not use it for everyday, but more so for emergencies, last minute needs, travel plans, and the like.

You may need to replace after a couple of years. We found a couple BubbleBums lose the ability to inflate and had to be replaced. However, at a MSRP $29.99 price point, it is worth it. It pays for itself the one time you don’t need to rent a car seat from the rental car company, let alone the soft costs like ease in traveling and flexibility it provides during vacations and everyday family scheduling. Keep them stashed in the trunk of a car for last minute car seat notices!

BubbleBum Booster Seats as Gifts

It is not too late to pick them up for your holiday travel plans, or even to gift them to the grandparents in your family. There are fun colors from which to chose! All in all, we have been loyal fans for two years now. Not only have I not regretted my purchase of our BubbleBums, but the benefits even exceeded my expectations.
The BubbleBums have ‘rescued’ me on more than one occasion, and I will continue to recommend them for years to come. In fact, my brother’s family bought a set as soon as we came back from Disney! (Smart guy!)
Now we are ready for the holidays  – and our next family vacation!

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