The Best GUND Plush to Give as a Gift

You “Gotta Getta Gund” this holiday season. Yes, that is their official motto but an accurate one. I love plush and GUND makes some of the best plush out there. It is perfect for the holidays.

With so many of us being away from family and friends for the holidays, consider sending a GUND with hug. Send them plush as a present to know that you are near even when far.

Here are some of my favorite GUNDs to gift:

My Pet Puddles Puppy

My Pet Puddles is a 12-inch interactive best friend. Touch the back or tweak the nose for life-like movement and sounds. Even though this is an interactive toy, the hidden battery compartment secured with a touch and close fastener. Three AA batteries are included with purchase, so Puddles is ready to play right away! Puddles is spot clean only and appropriate for ages one and up.

Tinkle Crinkle Activity Ball

One of my favorite for babies is the TINKLE CRINKLE LINE with it embroidery. In fact, the very first plush I ever bough my son, before he was even born, was the caterpillar. However, I also love the soft activity ball. Everything has little nubs, ribbons, crinkles to provide sensory play too. The product line is machine washable and for newborns and up.

Pusheen Advent Calendar

Yes, it is an advent calendar – and it is an awesome one. Having such quality plush that also is a play set is amazing. If you don’t mind the holiday theme, it can be individual plush presents all year. Maybe it can be used for good rewards, monthly prizes or even gifts from the tooth fairy.

Toothpick Collection

I am personally obsessed with the Toothpick collection – but I know kids will love it too. There is something just so adorable with the expressions in this line, and it does make for easy hand holds for younger kids too.

Plush Decor

There are some great plush pieces that would make for beautiful room decor, like this rainbow and the white cloud. You don’t always have to look to furniture stores for home accessories. Often, toys are the best bedroom decor!

Holiday Plush

GUND also has holiday themed plush which is perfect for Easter presents, Valentines Day gifts and more. For example, the Baby’s First Easter plush basket! How adorable! Let alone figuring out which individual plush characters to swoon over.

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Check out the entire Amazon GUND store HERE for your holiday shopping and gift shopping all year – and send a hug!

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